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September 2015

The GSAPP Alumni Organization's annual Awards Reception was held on Sunday, September 20, 2015, in Room A 317 at GSAPP.  The Alumni Organization honored Diane Smallwood, PsyD, who is the recipient of the Alumni Association Award for Distinguished Career Achievement, Rosalind Dorlen, PsyD, who is the recipient of the Grace K. Smith, PsyD Award for Meritorious Service to the Alumni Organization, and Sarah Shankman-Kerner, PsyD, who is the recipient of the Jamila Irons-Johnson, PsyD Achievement Award.  Also, current students, Susan Polkowski and LaToya Gaines, were recipients of the financial component of the Grace K. Smith, PsyD Award due to their extensive service to others.  The event was attended by members of the Alumni Board, Dean Stanley Messer, various alumni and student guests, Mr. James Smith (husband of Grace K. Smith, PsyD), and Ms. Janice Campbell (mother of Jamila Irons-Johnson, PsyD).  Please join me in congratulating all of our recipients on these outstanding accomplishments!
May 2014
Graduation On Sunday, May 18th GSAPP held its thirty-ninth Convocation, at the Rutgers Visitor Center on Busch Campus. Rutgers University Commencement was held in the Rutgers University High Point Solutions Stadium. (pictured: Dr. Elisa Shernoff with Eric LeGrand)

This year two awards were presented at Convocation to four GSAPP graduating students.
The Robert D. Weitz Award was presented to:
Kevin Mundt (School, 2014), Gabriela DeCandia (School, 2014)
The Cyril Franks Award was presented to:
Shoshanna Gewirtz Friedman (School, 2014), Sam Klugman (Clinical, 2014)

April 2014

Dean Stanley Messer was the Program Chair for the meetings of the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration in Montreal, April 10-13, 2014. Daniel Gaztambide, (5th yr, Clinical) was the assistant to the program chair. Also attending were GSAPP faculty Shalonda Kelly and Dan Fishman and GSAPP students; Stephen Clarke (3rd yr, Clinical), Traci Maynigo (4th yr, Clinical), and Namhee Stokvis (2nd year School), Kiara Wesley (Phd student).

Mulheim Dr. Lauren Mulheim, (Clinical, 1995), a prominent GSAPP alumna, presented “Use of Social Media by Psychologists in a Safe and Ethical Way,” to GSAPP faculty and students. Dr. Mulheim has a practice in Los Angeles where she provides psychological treatment specializing in evidence-based cognitive behavioral psychotherapy for adults and adolescents with depression, anxiety, stress, and eating disorders. (read more)

February 2014
axelbank On February 12, 2014, Jeffrey Axelbank, Psy.D., presented the Peterson Prize colloquium. “Jeff is a most worthy recipient of this award,” stated Dean Stanley Messer as he presented the plaque. The audience, a full crowd of GSAPP administrators, faculty, and students, along with members of the Axelbank family, agreed with resounding applause as they celebrated the achievements of this exceptional alumnus. (read more)

November 2013
Mykee Fowlin This year's 10th Anniversary Cultural Conference was a great success. Two hundred professionals and students came together from varying disciplines, (psychologists, social workers, counselors and educators), to increase their cultural competence through a series of presentations, lectures, role plays and performances. One highlight of the conference was a moving afternoon keynote performance by GSAPP alumni Mykee Fowlin. (read more)

ber 2013
Fosha GSAPP’s October 2013 colloquium featured Diana Fosha, Ph.D., the developer of Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) and the director of the AEDP Institute. (read more)

May 2013
Graduation GSAPP held its thirty-eighth Convocation on Sunday, May 19th at the Rutgers Visitor Center on Busch Campus. After Convocation, the 247th Rutgers University Commencement was held in the Rutgers University High Point Solutions Stadium.
(read more)

Full list of GSAPP 2013 Graduates

April 2013
Achara On April 24, 2013, the 22nd Annual Peterson Prize was awarded to Dr. Ijeoma Achara-Abrahams for her outstanding work in behavioral health care in impoverished communities.
The Peterson Prize was created in honor of Donald Peterson, first Dean of the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology. The award is presented to an alumna/alumnus who have made significant contributions to the field of psychology.
(read more)

workshop On April 28th, 2013 Tanya Romasz- McDonald conducted a workshop on School Based Crisis Prevention and Intervention for GSAPP students. In addition to being a graduate of GSAPP’s School Psychology program, she has been working in the schools as a school psychologist for over ten years and she is a contributing faculty member at GSAPP. (read more)

March 2013
Kaslow As part of GSAPP’s colloquia series, Florence Kaslow, Ph. D., visited Rutgers on March 6, 2013 to offer an insightful examination of the divorce process and divorce intervention strategies. Dr. Kaslow is internationally recognized as a respected teacher, family business consultant, therapist, and clinical and family psychologist.
(read more)

February 2013
Martell Christopher Martell, Ph.D., an internationally renowned clinical psychologist, offered a thought-provoking lecture on affirmative Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) clients as part of GSAPP's monthly colloquia series on Wednesday February 20th. (read more)

June 2012
Gantwerk Party Dr. Lew Gantwerk (School, 1984), retired as the Executive Director of the Center of Applied Psychology (CAP) in June 2012 after 27 years at GSAPP. At his retirement party on April 5, his family, colleagues and friends celebrated his influential presence at the school. It was clear from the touching speeches that Dr. Gantwerk has made a huge impact on the people as well as the school. (read more)

May 2012
Graduates The 246th Rutgers University Commencement was held in the Rutgers University High Point Solutions Stadium on Sunday, May 13th. Earlier that morning, GSAPP held its thirty-seventh graduation reception. This second GSAPP Convocation was held at the Rutgers Visitor Center on Busch Campus. The GSAPP class of 2012 was made up of 34 PsyD graduates and also 34 PsyMs. (read more)

April 2012
Gantwerk The Peterson Prize Colloquium was held on Wednesday, April 18th. Lew Gantwerk, PsyD (School, 1984) is the 2011 winner of the Peterson Prize. He was the first director of the Center for Applied Psychology, and has contributed to the development of numerous programs and initiatives supporting GSAPP’s service and training mission. Lew presented 'Getting from There to Here - My Journey in Professional Psychology'

February 2012
NASP GSAPP faculty,and students attended NASP's Annual Convention in Philadelphia, PA, which was held from February 21st - 24th. Many of GSAPP’s current students and faculty participated in the conference. (read more)

October 2011
keynote On October 14, 2011 professionals from varying backgrounds (social workers, psychologists, counselors, educators) came together to learn about diversity in a whole new way at the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology’s 8th Annual Culture Conference Co-Sponsored by the School of Social Work-Institute for Families and the Graduate School of Education. (read more)

August 2011
APA GSAPP faculty, alumni and students attended the APA’s Annual Convention in Washington, DC which was held from August 4th - 7th. Many of GSAPP’s current students and faculty as well as GSAPP Alumni presented research at the conference. GSAPP posters and presentations

May 2011
Rutgers day On Saturday April 30th thousands of incoming freshmen, alumni, high school students, parents and children descended on the grounds of Rutgers for a fun filled day. Rutger’s Day 2011 was an enormous success with every department at Rutgers representing their prospective discipline’s under huge white tents with creative activities for all. (read more)

graduation At the 245th Commencement in the Rutgers University Stadium on Sunday, May 15th the families and friends of Rutgers’ undergraduate and graduate students came together to celebrate the achievements of the classes of 2011. GSAPP conducted its thirty-sixth graduation reception and hosted its first convocation in the Life Sciences Atrium on Busch campus. (read more)

April 2011
Diversity Dinner The Dean’s Multicultural Advisory Committee (DMAC) met for its annual meeting on Friday April 29th. Stan Messer, Dean of GSAPP, along with program chairs Susan G. Forman (School) and Brenna Bry (Clinical) met with students and faculty to discuss the many accomplishments GSAPP has made over the year to address diversity. Then almost 40 faculty, alumni and students enjoyed Thai food at this year's Minority and International Alumni/Student Dinner. (read more)

March 2011
Peterson Prize The Peterson Prize Colloquium was held on Monday, March 28. The 2010 Peterson Prize was awarded to Laurie Cardona, PsyD (School Psychology, 1986), who is the Chief of Psychology at the Yale Child Study Center (CSC), a unit of the Yale School of Medicine. She directs the CSC’s Psychological assessment Center and co-directs its Inpatient Consultation-Liaison Service. Laurie presented 'Working as a School and Clinical Psychologist in Children's Medical and Psychiatric Settings.

December 2010
McWilliams On Monday, December 13, 2010, GSAPP faculty, staff, and students came together at the Center for Applied Psychology, amid food and drink, to celebrate Nancy McWilliams’ almost 30 years of service to the GSAPP community as a Visiting Faculty Member. Students, faculty, and alumni shared their experiences with Nancy as advisor, teacher, supervisor, colleague, and friend. (read more)

October 2010
Diversity Recruitment GSAPP held its 24th annual Diversity Recruitment Night on Friday October 23. The turnout was phenomenal, featuring recruits, faculty members, current students, and GSAPP alumni. (read more)

Maurice Elias The GSAPP Cultural Conference, was held on October 8th, 2010 encouraging vibrant dialogue and emerging innovation in the criss-crossing field of cultural diversity across clinical, educational, and community contexts. (Read More)

September 2010
Group at picnic Faculty, staff, and advanced students welcomed the new academic year with the Annual "Welcome First Year Students" Picnic on Wednesday, September 1st. First-year school and clinical PsyD students mingled with fellow GSAPPers, faculty, and staff, enjoying good food, friendly conversation, and the warmth of a lovely sunny Rutgers day. (read more)

August 2010
Group at APA This year GSAPP showed up in force at the 188th APA National Conference in San Diego California.  Many of GSAPP’s current students, faculty and alumni presented research at the conference. (read more)

June 2010
alumni On the evening of Saturday, May 8th, students, faculty, staff and friends of GSAPP gathered to celebrate the achievements of colleagues past and present at the annual GSAPP Alumni Organization & Dean’s Office Award Celebration. (read more)

May 2010
Dean Messer On Sunday, May 16th, the GSAPP faculty, staff, and Dean recognized this year’s graduates at a celebration in the Life Sciences building, followed by afternoon Commencement at the Voorhees Mall on the College Avenue Campus. During the reception awards were presented to two of the graduates.The Cyril Franks Award was presented to Andrea Parent. The Robert Weitz Award was presented to Jennifer Foster. (read more)

March 2010
Lidz Slowinski On March 3, 2010 students and faculty gathered for the first colloquium in our GSAPP Alumni Speaker Series. This lunchtime colloquium was presented by two prominent 1977 GSAPP alumni: Drs. Carol Lidz and Julian Slowinski. The two graciously agreed to speak to the student body on their careers, the development of their professional lives, and advice for budding professionals. Students packed the conference room, with overflow listening intently from the hallways. (read more)
January 2010
Group photo In commemoration of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, GSAPP's Rutgers/Somerset Counseling Program held a Conflict Resolution Workshop on January 18th, 2010. At this workshop high school students trained in conflict resolution in turn trained GSAPP students from Dr. Boyd- Franklin's Franklin Middle School/Somerset Program in a variety of group-building and conflict resolution techniques. (read more)

December 2009
DBT Dr. Shireen Rizvi offered a two-day introductory workshop on Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) on December 4th and 5th  at the Cook Campus Center. Dr. Rizvi presented the workshop to current students in the School and Clinical Programs, as well as psychiatrists and therapists affiliated with Rutgers’ Counseling Center. (read more)

November 2009
ABCT The 43rd Annual Conference for the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies was held in New York, in November. Many GSAPP students and faculty attended and presented at the conference. (read more)

October 2009
Strickland The Annual Cultural Conference, Culture Counts: Multicultural Interventions in Clinics, Schools, and Other Organizations, took place on Friday, October 16, 2009. The conference was well attended by psychology professionals, students and educators. “This was our best Culture Conference to date,” states Dr. Nancy Boyd-Franklin, “I was particularly pleased with our co-sponsorship with the School of Social Work and the Graduate School of Education. We had a very diverse audience as a result. More on the conference

September 2009

Picnic Table The Annual Welcome First Year Students Picnic, was held on September 2nd. Faculty, staff and students started off the semester with good food and conversation.

More on the Picnic

August 2009

Boyd-Franklin The American Psychological Association (APA) 117th Annual Convention was held on August 6th -9th. GSAPP faculty, alumni and students attended and participated in the convention which was held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Faculty presenters included Nancy Boyd-Franklin, Linda Reddy and Judith Glassgold. Several GSAPP students and alumni also participated in the event. More on the APA Conference.

June 2009

SCRA The 12th Biennial Conference of the APA’s Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA) was held from June 18-21, 2009. Rutgers University collaborated with Montclair State University, the host of this year’s conference. Two GSAPP alumni served as the SCRA Conference Co-Chairs and Logistics Coordinators: Dr. Milton Fuentes, (1998 Clinical) and Dr. Sandra Lewis (1984 Clinical). In addition, Dr. Cary Cherniss actively participated on the Local Planning Committee, while Dr. Maurice Elias, joint appointment faculty member, acted as Program Co-Chair. More on the SCRA Conference.

May 2009
Dean Messer The Commencement Ceremony was held on Wednesday, May 20, 2009, at 1:30 p.m. on Voorhees Mall. GSAPP held a Graduation Reception in the Life Sciences Bldg. Atrium in the morning.

More on commencement.

brunch GSAPP Alumni and Dean’s Office Celebration Brunch, was held on Sunday, May 3rd in the Life Sciences Bldg. Atrium, Busch Campus.

More on the Celebration Brunch.

April 2009
RU Day Rutgers Day was held April 25th. The event featured over 400 activities, including educational games, exhibits, demonstrations and activities hosted by the various departments within the University. GSAPP students and staff hosted a booth on Busch campus with many activities for children and adults alike.

More on Rutgers Day

November 2008
Wilson at ABCT The annual conference for the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies was held in Orlando from November 13-16. The conference, which features presentations from internationally-renowned experts in cognitive and behavioral therapies, was attended by many GSAPP students and faculty.

GSAPP posters and presentations

October 2008
Bry The 22nd Annual Diversity Recruitment was held on Friday, October 24th, 2008 at the Graduate Student Lounge on College Avenue. This event allows prospective students to meet with current students and faculty to find out more about GSAPP's programs.

More on the Diversity Recruitment

The Annual GSAPP Cultural Conference, "Meeting the Needs of Multicultural Communities & 21st Century Families", was held on Friday, October 3rd at the Douglass Campus Center. This years keynote address was "Clinical Work with African American Men: Treating the Invisibility Syndrome",presented by Anderson J. Franklin, Ph.D. Other presentaions included: "Multicultural Supervision", presented by: Dwaine S.Campbell, Ph.D. and Anita McClean, Psy.D; "Motivational Interviewing with Latino Clients", presented by: Alejandro Interian, Ph.D.; "Balancing Career, Relationships, Life and Family", presented by: Jamilla Irons-Johnson, Psy.D., Jeffrey Ng, Psy.D., Janear Sewell, Psy.D., Linda Tam, Psy.D. and Mary Tung; "A School and Community-Based Counseling Model for Multistressed Adolescents and Their Families:", presented by: Norbert A. Wetzel, Th.D. and the Family Empowerment Staff of the Center for Family, Community & Social Justice, Inc, Princeton, NJ
September 2008
picnic The Anual GSAPP Picnic was held on September 3rd. in the courtyard next to GSAPP.

The event gives first year students a chance to meet informally with faculty, staff and current students.

See the event

May 2008
graduation The Commencement Ceremony was held on Wednesday, May 21, 2008, at 1:30 p.m. on Voorhees Mall. GSAPP held a Graduation Reception in the Life Sciences Bldg. Atrium in the morning.

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