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42nd Annual Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies Convention, November 2008

ABCTgroup The annual conference for the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies was held in Orlando from November 13-16. The conference, which features presentations from internationally-renowned experts in cognitive and behavioral therapies, was attended by many GSAPP students and faculty. In addition, numerous GSAPP students and faculty members presented posters and/or led presentations on a wide range of topics, including childhood anxiety and mood disorders, autism, eating disorders, and alcohol dependence.


Two RCTs of Achievement Mentoring to Prevent School Disengagement and Failure
Brenna H. Bry, Laura J. Holt, Lolalyn Clarke, Valerie Johnson

An Analysis of Verbal and Gestural Reminder versus Contingent Demands to Address Vocal Stereotypy
Nathan M. Lambright, Suzannah J. Ferraioli, Todd Frischmann, Kristine Bolanowski, Amy P. Hansford, Shara Marrero, and Robert H. LaRue

The Effects of Prescription Stimulants on Work Productivity and Social Preference in a Young Learner with Autism
David J. Kieval, Nathan Lambright, Suzannah Ferraioli, Meredith Bamond, Jill Szalony, Jennifer Biddick, and Robert LaRue

A Functional Analysis of Manding Behavior: Correspondence with Traditional Models of Functional Analysis
Jill A. Szalony, Jen Fogle, Margaret Mateyka, Tina Zorilla-Rivera, David Kieval, Ryan Madigan, Todd A. Frischmann, and Robert H. LaRue

Reduction of Escape-Maintained Aggression in a Boy with Autism Using Functional Communication Training and Break Fading
David J. Kieval, Ryan Madigan, Tina Z. Rivera, Erica Yarosis, Joseph Saylor, Andrew Newcomer, and Robert H. LaRue

Clinical Implications of Attention Differences in Anxious and Inattentive-Impulsive Youth
Weissman, A.S., Vietri, J.T., Dudek, C.M., Reddy, L.A. Chu, B.C.

The Impact of Deteriorating Involvement and Alliance in CBT for Anxious and Depressed Youth
Brian Chu, Rutgers University

Safety Behaviors as a Predictor of Outcome in Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy for Youth OCD
Daniela B. Colognori, Cara R. Epstein, Adam S. Weissman, Brian Chu, Rutgers University
John Piacentini, UCLA Semel Institute

Separation Anxiety and School Refusal Predict Parental Intrusiveness in Anxious Youth
Petra G. Esseling, Adam S. Weissman, Tara Harrison, Daniela B. Colognori, Brian Chu, Rutgers University
Jeffrey Wood, University of California LA

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda: Lessons Learned From Treatment Failures
Moderator: Simon Rego, Montefiore Medical Center
Panelists: G. Terrence Wilson, Michelle G. Craske, Steven Hollon

Stigma and Stereotypes About Women and Alcohol
Zayed Al-Otaiba, Barbara McCrady, Elizabeth Epstein, Michael Friedman, Rutgers University

When Should Clinicians Switch Treatments: An Application of Signal Detection Theory to Two Different Treatments for Women With Alcohol Use Disorders
Tom Hildebrandt, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Barbara McCrady, Elizabeth Epstein, Sharon Cook, Rutgers University, Center of Alcohol Studies

The Effects of Casual Beliefs on the Stigmatization of Obesity
Katie L. Bannon, Dorian Hunter-Reel, Nicole Osvold, Siddhi Shah, Marina Pejic, Samantha Farris, G. Terence Wilson. Robert Karlin, Richard J. Contrada, Rutgers University

The Use of Motivational Interviewing Techniques to Enhance the Efficacy of Guided Self-Help Behavioral Weight Loss Treatment: 6 Month Follow-Up
Ilyse Dobrow DiMarco, Dena A. Klein, Vicki Clark, G. Terence Wilson, Rutgers University

Couples Therapy for Women With Alcohol Dependence: The Role of Therapeutic Alliance
David P. Menges, Barbara McCrady, Elizabeth Epstein, Rutgers University

Providing Behavioral Support to Students With Asperger's Syndrome in the Classroom: Does Applied Behavior Analysis Translate to Academic Settings?
Russell J. Kormann, Mary Jane Weiss, Rutgers University

General Versus Emotion-Based Attention Processing Deficits in Anxious and Inattentive-Impulsive Youth: Implications for Differential Diagnosis and CBT
Adam S. Weissman, Brian Chu, Linda A. Reddy, Marsha E. Bates, Rutgers University

Parent, Child, and Clinician Concordance Rates of Social Phobia on the ADIS Interview
Jessica Dahan, Daniela B. Colognori, Adam S. Weissman, Tara Harrison, Brian Chu, Rutgers University

Cognitive Coping as a Predictor of Outcome in Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy for OCD Youth
Cara R. Epstein, Daniela B. Colognori, Adam S. Weissman, Brian Chu, Rutgers University
John Piacentini, UCLA

An Effective Trial of CBT Versus Usual Clinical Care for Youth Depression
Brian Chu, Rutgers University
Michael Southam-Gerow, Virginia Commonwealth University
John R. Weisz, Judge Baker Children's Center, Harvard Medical School

Do the Intra-Individual Relapse Predictors Mediate the Relationship Between Social Support Variables and Drinking Outcomes?
Dorian Hunter Reel, Barbara McCrady, Elizabeth Epstein, Tom Hildebrandt, Sharon Cook, Rutgers University

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Adolescent Body Dysmorphic Disorder: Development of a Treatment Protocol
Jennifer L. Greenberg, Sarah Markowitz, Shawn Ewbank, G. Terence Wilson, Michael R. Petronko, Rutgers University