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The 43rd Annual Convention of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT), November 2009

GSAPP faculty, alumni and current students were well represented as presenters the 43rd Annual Convention of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) from November 19-22. Conveniently held at the New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square, a large number of current students and faculty came out in support of their colleagues and to learn about on-going research and empirically supported treatments within a cognitive-behavioral framework.

GSAPP's participation began with Dr. Brenna Bry's presentaion at the ABCT Pre-Conference. The title of the presentation was "Achievement mentoring's reduction of negative school behavior: Search for mechanisms of change". One of Dr. Bry's co-presenters was Lolalynne Clarke, a 2009 graduate of the Clinical program.

Current GSAPP students showcased their research projects via poster presentations. William Christiana, (2nd year Clinical), presented on research with Professor Elizabeth Epstein regarding personality and alcohol use disorders. Nickeisha Clarke (5th year Clinical), presented a poster completed with Professors Eun Young Mun and Shalonda Kelly on the effects of therapeutic alliance and motivation on CBT for substance abuse. Rebecca Greif and Courtney You, (3rd and 2nd year Clinical respectively), presented on a research project with Prof. G. Terence Wilson on reducing eating disorder risk factors in sorority members. Sophia Talbott, (1st year clinical), presented two posters on pediatric trichotillomania. Bianca Georgescu (5th year Clinical) presented a poster at the Special Interest Groups poster exposition on executive skills training for adults with Parkinson’s Disease. Daniela Colognori (6th year Clinical) presented a poster on pediatrician referrals of anxious youth. She also presented alongside Professor Brian Chu in a symposium on the use of observational measures in youth process research.

Multiple GSAPP alumni contributed to the conference. Dr. Diana Antinoro, a 2008 graduate of the Clinical Psy.D. program, presented two posters on pediatric trichotiollomania. Dr. Jennifer Greenberg, also a 2008 graduate of the Clinical Psy.D. program, presented a poster on body dysmorphic disorder. Dr. Simon Rego, a 2001 graduate of the Clinical Psy.D. program, served as a moderator for clinical round table discussions on treatment failures and strategies for establishing and maintaining an evidence-based practice, both featuring faculty member Dr. G. Terence Wilson as a discussant. Dr. Katherine Muller contributed with two posters on Emetophobia and transitioning from psychodynamic psychotherapy to CBT.  Dr. Thomas Hildebrandt, a 2005 graduate of the Clinical Psy.D. program, presented at a symposia on female-specific vs. generic CBT for alcohol-dependent women and on masculine-relevant emotion- regulation in men with alcohol problems.

Faculty demonstrated their dedication to cutting-edge research via numerous symposia, posters and workshops. Faculty Presentations/Posters are listed below:

Dr. Brian Chu:

Dr. Maurice Elias:

Dr. Elizabeth Epstein:

Dr. Shalonda Kelly:

Dr. Eun Young Mun (with Dr. Shalonda Kelly):

Dr. James Langenbucher:

Dr. Michael R. Petronko and Dr. Russell Kormann:

Dr. Shireen Rizvi:

Dr. Mary Jane Weiss:

Dr. G. Terence Wilson:

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