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American Psychological Association (APA) 117th Annual Convention, August 2009

GSAPP faculty, alumni and students attended and participated in the APA’s Annual Convention in Toronto, Ontario from August 6th - 9th.   Several GSAPP faculty members presented at the convention.

Nancy Boyd-Franklin
, who had been invited by the President of the APA, presented  “Violence Prevention for Youth in Our Communities: An Important Role for psychologists”, as a part of the “Famous Psychologists” series at APA.

Nancy Boyd-Franklin


Judith Glassgold (1990 Clinical), Chair of the APA Task Force on Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation, presented a report that in part examined the efficacy of so-called "reparative therapy," or sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE).
For more information about the report go to:

Linda Reddy participated in a symposium titled “Violence Directed Against Teachers-Prevention and Intervention”.  This panel presented the work of an APA Task Force designed to address the violence and threat of violence directed at about 200,000 K-12 teachers every year. The Task Force will produce web-based materials accessible to pre-service teachers, teachers, and administrators.  The presenters discussed how the resource can serve as a research-based foundation to inform education policy with regard to school management, parent and community involvement, classroom climate, and teaching and learning.
Linda Reddy also presented a poster with Lara Brodzinsky and Ashley Keiser (GSAPP students) titled “Discriminant Validity of the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function Parent Form for Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder”.

Nancy McWilliams
participated in a conversation hour titled "Breakfast with Distinguished Division 12 Psychologists".
FormanSusan Forman attended the conference with her husband.

Cantor kruger

There were also several GSAPP alumni who participated in the conference.

Dorothy Cantor (1976 School) American Psychological Foundation (APF) President along with the APA President, presented psychology’s highest awards to outstanding researchers, practitioners, and educators at the APA/APF Awards Ceremony. (Above left)

Lou Kruger’s (1982 School) film documentary, Children Left Behind, was shown on Saturday.  This film was chosen from 130 files submitted. For more information about the film and a video trailer, please visit: (Above right)

Simon Rego (2001 Clinical) participated a plenary session which was put together by Mike Petronko titled “To Be or Not to Be: PhD/PsyD Stereotypes Revisited” Do these degrees actually limit freedom of career choice? The session explored this question by having two distinguished midcareer clinical psychologists share their experiences. For more information on this session visit:

For additional information on the 2009 APA Conference go to: