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American Psychological Association (APA) 118th Annual Convention, August 2010

This year GSAPP showed up in force at the 188th APA National Conference in San Diego California.  Many of GSAPP’s current students presented research at the conference.

Poster Presentations:

Jennifer R. Jones, April Kabay, & Geraldine V. Oades-Sese: Temperament Influences on Hispanic American Preschool Children’s Play Behavior. Jennifer Jones (pictured right) was awarded the APA Student Travel Award.

Christopher Dudek, Liat Ziberstein & Linda Reddy: Classroom Stratigies Scale: Principal, School Personnel and Teacher Forms.

Christopher Dudek, Liat Ziberstein & Linda Reddy: Reliability on the Classroom Strategies Scale for Elementary School
Kaitlin Gonzales,  Geraldine V. Oades-Sese, Claire Mendez: Preschool Bilingual Profiles as a Predictor of Later Academic Achievement (Kaitlin Gonzales pictured right)

Michelle Miller: Assessing the consistency of parent-child symptom reporting for elementary school-age victims of child sexual abuse

Linda Reddy:
Differential Ability Scale – Second Edition: Children with ADHD or Mathematics Disorder
Meredith Cregg-Wedmore gave a presentation based on her experience in student leadership through the New Jersey Psychological Association of Graduate Student (NJPAGS), of which she is the Past Chair, Division Student Representative Network (DSRN) Business Meeting: Promoting Student Membership and Involvement

Christopher Christopher Velderman & Geraldine V. Oades-Sese: Within Group Differences in Bilingual Profiles of Preschool Children: The Nature of Bilingualism and Intelligence.  

“I thought it was a wonderful way to connect with other professionals who share similar professional and research interests.  It was also a wonderful way to gain exposure to topics outside of our specific areas of inquiry, as well as to gain a sense of the directions other groups within APA are pursuing.” -   Christopher Velderman (pictured left)

Jenya Gaskin & Geraldine V. Oades-Sese: Executive Functions and Longitudinal Predictors of Achievement in Bilingual Preschoolers

Jenya Gaskin
(pictured right) was a first time APA attendee and she had this to say about her experience, “I gained experience transmitting research to professionals in the field.  At same time, I was able to briefly see research from other people studying under my same topic, It was a great experience and a lot of fun!”

Many of the GSAPP Faculty participated in panels and conversation hours:

Dr. Linda Reddy
participated in the Conversation Hour: Summit on Young Children’s Mental Health – Ways Forward.  Dr. Linda Reddy was also re-elected as the Communication Chair for APA’s Division 16  

Dr. Daniel Fishman
participated in the Symposium: What constitutes effectiveness in Psychotherapy? What evidence will help build a bridge between the perspectives of the clinical researcher and the practicing therapist?

Dr. Nancy McWilliams (Visiting Professor) participated in the Discussion: Communicating Psychoanalysis to the public, media, and other professionals

Dr. Nancy Boyd-Franklin
participated in the Symposium: Master’s in Family Psychology  

Dr. Susan G. Forman (GSAPP School Psychology Chair) participated in the Symposium: Identifying Students in Need of Assistance – Multistage and Multi-method Screening

Dr. Brian Chu
participated in the Symposium: Development and Use of Observational Measures in the Study of Youth Psychotherapy Process .

Dr. Brenna Bry (GSAPP Clinical Psychology Chair) participated in the Symposium: Engaging in Philanthropy in community partnerships

Geraldine V. Oades-Sese’s
research studies were presented by her Resilience Research Team members Chris Velderman, April Kabay, Jennifer Jones, Jenya Gaskins, Kaitlin Gonzales, and Kristen Cordero (see above)

Other Faculty who participated at APA

Simon Forstmeier

GSAPP Alumni that presented/participated at APA

Milton A Fuentes (1991, Clinical)
Frederick Rotgers  (1983, Clinical)

Roz Dorlan (1977, Clinical) received the Karl Heiser Award for Advocacy
Bonnie Markham (Clinical, 1984) was elected Treasurer of the American Psychological Association (APA). Her three-year term begins in January 2011.

Jennifer Jones, Kaitlin Gonzales, Susan Forman, Jenya Gaskin, Christopher Velderman

GSAPP School Students