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Diversity Recruitment, October 2010

On Friday October 23, 2010, GSAPP held its 24th annual Diversity Recruitment Night at the Busch Faculty Dining Hall.  Sponsored by the Committee on Diversity, this event is designed to showcase GSAPP’s various programs of study and ensure it receives high quality diverse applicants.  The turnout was phenomenal, featuring recruits, faculty members, current students, and GSAPP alumni.  2nd year Clinical student Daniel Gaztambide emceed the evening.

After a delicious dinner and faculty introductions, Dr. Nancy Boyd-Franklin kicked things off with some words of encouragement for the GSAPP-hopefuls.  She gave them concrete advice about how to get into graduate school, including tips related to acing the GREs and finding appropriate faculty mentorship.  Dr. Boyd-Franklin also offered strategies like applying to multiple schools and motivation such as re-applying after an initial rejection.  She was followed by Dr. Brenna Bry and Dr. Susan Forman, who introduced the Clinical and School programs, respectively.  To help Clinical psychology recruits figure out the best path for them, Dr. Bry explained the differences between the Clinical PsyD and Clinical PhD tracks.  Dr. Forman spoke about the variety of roles and opportunities possible for School psychologists.

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Afterward, current students spoke about the various student groups at GSAPP, including HOPS, BSDPPP, QSA, and the Asian Student Group.  These students also took turns describing their journeys to GSAPP as well as their experiences at GSAPP thus far.  One recurring theme, GSAPP’s camaraderie, was voiced by 1st year Clinical student Robin Dean: “There’s a real sense of community here.”  GSAPP alumnus Bob Louis echoed those sentiments: “Coming up for these functions is like coming home.”  The alumni also spoke of the strength of GSAPP’s alumni network and their excellent job prospects after graduating.

Diversity Recruitment Night concluded with time for recruits to mingle with current students, faculty, and alumni.  This portion of the evening enabled them to get answers to their most pressing questions in a relaxed, one-on-one atmosphere.  Juliana Pierce, a Junior Psychology major at Rutgers, acknowledged how stressful applying to graduate school can be and how Diversity Recruitment Night eased some of those concerns.  “I’m more relieved about the process, talking about it made me feel better.”