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GSAPP Picnic, September 2010

Faculty, staff, and advanced students welcomed the new academic year with the Annual "Welcome First Year Students" Picnic on Wednesday, September 1st.

First-year school and clinical PsyD students mingled with fellow GSAPPers, faculty, and staff, enjoying good food, friendly conversation, and the warmth of a lovely sunny Rutgers day. Old friends reconnected while new friendships were made, as advanced students commiserated with first-year students about their own experiences, helping them acclimate while also (hopefully!) allaying anxiety about beginning their new and exciting journey into life at GSAPP.

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Thanks to the efforts of the Committee on Diversity, various student groups took the opportunity to invite incoming students to participate in the vibrant and diverse GSAPP community. Representatives and leaders from among these groups mingled and broke bread with first-year and advanced students, meeting and greeting while also encouraging fellow students to take part in any of the many programs, support groups, and community initiatives available at GSAPP.

A "recruitment table" was also available, at which students could sign up and find out more about student organizations. Such groups included the Queer Student Association (QSA), the International Student Group (ISG), the Black Students of Graduate and Professional Psychology Programs (BSGPPP), the Hispanic Organization of Professional Psychology Students (HOPPS), and the Committee on Diversity,