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American Psychological Association (APA) 119th Annual Convention, August 2011

GSAPP faculty, alumni and students attended the APA’s Annual Convention in Washington, DC which was held from August 4th - 7th. 
Many of GSAPP’s current students and faculty as well as GSAPP Alumni presented research at the conference.

Poster Presentations:

Alyssa Augustyniak, Linda Reddy, Christopher Dudek, Liat Zilberstein, Beth Barbarasch & Katrina Heinig: BRIEF Parent and Teacher Forms for Children with ADHD.

Linda Reddy, Christopher Dudek, Katrina Heinig, Ashley Keiser, Beth Barbarasch & Liat Zilberstein: Development of the Classroom Strategies Scale.

Christopher Dudek, Linda Reddy, Alyssa Augustyniak, Liat Zilberstein & Beth Barbarasch: Discriminant Validity of the BRIEF Parent Form.

Daniel Gaztambide: Culture, Rupture, & the Therapeutic Relationship with Ethnic Minorities

Shannon Kemp, Dominic Moceri & Maurice Elias:
Minority Disproportionality in General Education

Ashley Keiser & Linda Reddy: PADDS: A Multidimensional Screening Tool for Children At-Risk for Attention Disorders

Chrys Hakyung Kim: Cognitive Differences of Positive and Negative Perfectionism

Elizabeth Pienkos & Louis Sass: Subjective Changes in Schizophrenia and Affective Disorders: A Comparative Study

James Walkup: Stigma, Tourette’s: Does Treatment Affect Perception

Milton Fuentes (Clinical, 1998): Do You Feel What I Feel? Responses to a Stranger's Happiness.

Elena Tamanas (Organizational, 2010): The Role of Ethnic Identity in Participatory Processes that Facilitate Psychological Empowerment Among Urban Youth

Paper Sessions:

Elizabeth Pienkos & Louis Sass: Schizophrenia and Depersonalization: A Comparison of Anomalous Self-Experiences.

Ashley Keiser, and Linda Reddy: The PADDS: A Multidimensional Screening Tool for Children At Risk for Attention Disorders


Nancy Boyd-Franklin: Trauma, Coping, and Resilience Among Black Women


Jan Mohlman, Daniel Chazin & Alison Staples: Optimization of Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease: A Behavioral Intervention Targeting Nonmotoric Symptoms

Susan Forman & Lyndsi Silberman: Translation of Science to Practice Working Group: Concerns and Needs of School Psychology Trainers

Linda Reddy: Child ADHD Multimodal Program

Linda Reddy: Using Structured Group Play Interventions to Treat Childhood Disorders

Shireen Rizvi: Interactive Mobile Phone Application Providing Skills Coaching for Individuals With Borderline Personality Disorder

Anne Gregory: Relationship of School Structure and Support to Suspension Rates for Black and White High School Students

Nancy McWilliams: Eminent Psychotherapists Revealed – Audiovisual Presentation of Principles of Psychotherapy

Jami Young: Moderators of Treatment Outcomes for Depressed Adolescents Treated With Interpersonal Psychotherapy

Milton Fuentes (Clinical, 1998): Understanding the Roles of Families in the Cultural Integration Process 

Milton Fuentes (Clinical, 1998): Multicultural Psychology Scholars: An Ethnic Minority Undergraduate Recruitment Initiative. 

David Sacks (Clinical, 1993): Outcome Oriented Clinical Training: Pilot Research and Stories From the Field

David Sacks with co-presenters, Yeshashwork Kibour and Barbara Francis