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The Grace K. Smith Award

This award is presented for Meritorious Service to the Alumni Organization (AO). The GSAPP Meritorious Service Award is named in honor of Grace K. Smith, PsyD (Class of 1978). The award may be given only to GSAPP alumni, who have rendered such “meritorious” service to the GSAPP Alumni Organization (AO). Meritorious services includes unusual service in the form of faithful and continued efforts in maintaining AO activities, active participation in alumni, graduate school, or university affairs, or assisting directly in expanding the usefulness, influence, and prestige of the GSAPP community and the university.

List of Grace K. Smith Award winners:

2017 - Francis McSweeney, Psy.D. (School 1983)

The Grace K. Smith, PsyD Award for Meritorious Service to the Alumni Organization this year goes to Frank McSweeney, PsyD. Frank has been instrumental in moving the alumni organization forward, serving on the board for many years in various roles including Board President, and was instrumental in creating the 501(c)3 status for the organization.

2016 - Martha Temple, Psy.D.

Martha Temple, Psy.D. (Clinical, 2004). Dr. Temple has volunteered more than 10 years of service to the Alumni Organization (AO) beginning as a Member-at-Large shortly after her graduation. From there, she served as Treasurer and Secretary. Dr. Temple readily volunteered to fill in for any role or position when others were unable to do so. She was an invaluable member of the Executive Committee that planned and executed all AO events between 2008 and 2014. Additionally, Dr. Temple joined the task force that worked to create the GSAPP Alumni Organization Realizing the Vision Commemorative Booklet in honor of the 30th anniversary of the founding of GSAPP and the 75th anniversary of The Psychological Services Clinic. She has been a member of the Awards Committee and Newsletter Committee for which she oversaw the design, layout, and text editing of the newsletter. Dr. Temple assisted in the planning of the gala to celebrate the 40th anniversary of GSAPP and 85th anniversary of the Psychological Services Clinic. During board meetings, she provided a systemic view of the Rutgers University structure and changes to board meetings. Dr. Temple continues to serve as the administrator for the Alumni Forum list serve, which she was instrumental in creating. When not volunteering her time to the AO, Dr. Temple maintains a private practice in Summit, New Jersey, serves as a Visiting Clinical Supervisor for GSAPP, and works as a Mental Health Professional for Collaborative Law teams. She is also a pro bono therapist for A Home Within, which is a national organization that helps children or adults who are or have been involved in the foster care system or adoption. 

2015 - Rosalind Dorlen, Psy.D.

Rosalind Dorlen, Psy.D. (clinical, 1977). This year’s recipient of the Grace K. Smith, PsyD Meritorious Service Award is Rosalind Dorlen, Psy.D., ABPP (Class of 1977). In 1992, under the tenure of then-Dean Perry London, Dr. Dorlen was a Founding Member of the GSAPP Alumni Organization (AO). She served on the Executive Board until 1999 and was also the Chair of the Program Committee during that time. In 1999, Dr. Dorlen was the co-chairperson of GSAPP’s 25th Anniversary Gala. In 2004, Dr. Dorlen contributed to the Professional Development Project through the AO. She became the Chair of the Marketing Committee for the Capital Grants Program in 2008 and returned to the Board as a Member-at-Large in 2010. She assumed the role of President in 2011, which she maintained for two years. In 2013, she continued as Past President of the AO and again took a leadership role in planning another gala: GSAPP’s 40th Anniversary Gala, which occurred in November 2014. When not volunteering her time to the AO, Dr. Dorlen has maintained a private practice in Summit, New Jersey, since 1979. She has served as a member of the Allied Health Professional Staff in the Department of Psychiatry at Overlook Hospital since 1997 and has been a member of the Senior Teaching Faculty at the Institute for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy of New Jersey in South Orange since 1992. Dr. Dorlen earned Board Certification as a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology from the American Board of Professional Psychology. She was elected President of the New Jersey Psychology Association (NJPA) from 1999-2000. She is also a Fellow in numerous divisions of the American Psychological Association. In 2005, Dr. Dorlen was appointed by New Jersey’s Acting Governor, Richard Codey, to the Governor’s Task Force on Postpartum Depression. She has received numerous awards, including a Presidential Citation in Recognition of Outstanding Contribution to Professional Psychology from the NJPA, the Peterson Prize from GSAPP, the New Jersey Psychologist of the Year Award from the NJPA, the Edward J. Bloustein Award for Community Service by the Rutgers University Alumni Federation, the Karl Heiser American Psychological Association Award for Advocacy, and the SAGE Eldercare Outstanding Wisdom and Leadership Award. She has engaged in significant community service and program development and is often cited in numerous print and media features. Dr. Dorlen has published and presented extensively.

2014 - Dianne Clarke-Kudless, Psy.D.

Clark-Kudless Dianne Clarke-Kudless Psy.D. (Organizational, 1998) (read more)

2013 - Lucy Takagi, Psy.D.

Takagi Lucy Takagi, PsyD (Clinical, 2006) first joined the GSAPP AO as a student member in 1999. She was elected President of the AO in January 2009 and continued in this role until December 2010. Under Dr. Takagi's presidency, the AO hosted two award events. She engaged the Rutgers University Alumni Association (RUAA) in supporting the AO in its event planning after the dissolution of the Rutgers University Alumni Federation (RUAF) and the elimination of membership dues. Additionally, Dr. Takagi participated in two alumni gatherings (in PA and NYC) with Dean Messer and Development Officer, Mary Chrow, to represent the AO and strengthen the ties between GSAPP and its alumni. Dr. Takagi also met with GSAPP alumna, Dr. Susan Spieler, to discuss formulation of the NYC professional development group, which has resulted in three clinical case presentations and one DBT study presentation in NYC.Furthermore, Dr. Takagi helped to develop the AO website by introducing the "Alumni Highlights" section, as a space for alumni achievements, as well as the Alumni Resources section developed by Dr. Rebecca Starck. Under Dr. Takagi's presidency, the Alumni Database Directory was developed. She also assisted with the review and update of the AO's Bylaws. As a crucial contributor to the AO, Dr Takagi highlighted the needs of early career psychologists, which led her to implement the Mentoring Program between GSAPP alumni and students. She recruited and matched students with supervisors and mentors in and out-of-state.The visibility of the GSAPP AO has increased as a result of Dr. Takagi's efforts and her advocacy. Since 2011, Dr. Takagi has been an Assistant Professor at the Center for Child Advocacy and Policy at Montclair State University and works part time in a private practice in Cedar Grove. She is licensed in both NJ and NY and works with inner-city, ethnically, financially, and culturally diverse populations as well as with trauma survivors. She is a trained forensic evaluator.

2012 - Caroline Mossip, Psy.D.

Caroline Mossip, Psy.D. (School, 1983)

2011 - Molly Stranahan, Psy.D.

Stranaham Molly Stranahan, Psy.D. (School, 1996). Molly Stranahan,  PsyD graduated  from the GSAPP School  Psychology program  in 1996. Molly’s commitment and devotion to GSAPP was present since her days as a student. From 1989 to 1990, she was the co-leader of  the GSAPP  Student Organization  (current  S.A.). From 1988 to 1992, she was a student representative to the Faculty Council and was also a student representative at the School Department faculty meetings.  Before Molly graduated and after receiving a bequest from her grandfather’s estate, Molly donated $40,000 to create a student scholarship fund. With the support of Ruth Peters, then Dean Sandy Harris and the Rutgers Foundation, Molly raised funds to supplement her gift to over $300,000, eventually endorsing the creation of the GSAPP Alumni Scholarship Fund. Soon after graduation, Molly became  president of  the GSAPP Alumni Organization (1999  – 2001).  As President, Molly helped plan GSAPP’s 25th Anniversary Celebration, an event  that  brought  together most of  the GSAPP family and that resulted in a painting donated by Ed Adams currently on display at GSAPP. She also was instrumental in raising money for the Scholarship Fund. As GSAPP A.O. president, Molly also created an annual alumni-student dinner that gave students an opportunity to network with alumni and learn more about  life after GSAPP.  She hosted alumni gatherings at which a faculty member shared some of their particular work and with the help of Frank Calandra and Jeff Axelbank, began  publishing a semi-annual newsletter. Molly was also a very influential GSAPP representative to the Rutgers Alumni Federation (RUAF). One of  her most significant contributions as president of the GSAPP A.O., 
was the approval  of  a  tax-­exempt status with the IRS for the organization. The 501(c)(3)status which benefits the organization to date, was achieved under Molly’s presidency and was due in part to her influence and positive relationship with the RUAF and with GSAPP Alumni Board members. As a GSAPP representative to the RUAF, Molly also became a member of various RUAF committees; among them, the RUAF Budget and Finance committee and the Insurance sub-committee. Molly helped re-negotiate the Rutgers credit card contract which provided significant funding to alumni organizations. She served on  the committee  that  selected the recipients for the Rutgers  Hall of Distinguished Alumni.  As a representative to the Federation, Molly also helped increase the awareness of GSAPP throughout the Rutgers community. Even after stepping down  from the GSAPP A.O., Molly continues to be an active member of the GSAPP family. She was involved in the Rutgers Capital Campaign; accepted a request of the Rutgers Foundation head  Mike Carroll, to discuss with development officers best  strategies to approach potential donors; was a liaison for the Center for Applied Psychology’s successful grant for the Bullying Prevention Institute and continues to serve GSAPP with her generosity of time and spirit.

2010 - Bonnie Markham, PhD, Psy.D.

Markham Bonnie Markham, PhD, Psy.D. (Clinical, 1984). From 1993 – 2008 Dr. Markham was a GSAPP Alumni Organization Board Member and served as its President from 2003 – 2006. In 2000 and again in 2005, she served on Planning Committees for the 25th and 30th anniversary celebrations of the founding of GSAPP. In 2003, Dr. Markham organized the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the GSAPP Alumni Organization with a successful event/art auction held at the gallery of an alumnus, Ed Adams. In 2004 she supported the development of an interactive listserv for new graduates to receive mentoring from more experienced graduates. From 2005 – 2007 Dr. Markham chaired the committee which compiled an outstanding commemorative booklet, DVD, and historical archive as part of the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of GSAPP and the 75th of the Psychological Clinic. In 2006 she fostered the development of the Alumni Online Forum, an interactive listserv for GSAPP alumni, which has been very active, together with an online Alumni directory, which has been a wonderful resource for alumni professional networking. From 2004 – 2008, Dr. Markham served as GSAPP Alumni Organization representative to the RU Alumni Federation and is currently co-chair of the GSAPP Capital Campaign. She has always put service to GSAPP and its alumni at the forefront of her many professional activities.

2009 -David Panzer, Psy.D.

David Panzer David Panzer Psy.D. (1984 School) is the winner of the Grace K. Smith Award. In 1991 David was a member of the committee that was instrumental in forming the GSAPP Alumni Organization.  David served as the first President from 1992 - 1994. He was also involved in developing its first bylaws and the mission statement.  During the time that David was President, the Alumni Organization's first event was held and the first edition of the GSAPP Alumni newsletter was published. David heads up a successful group practice in Highland Park, NJ and is currently co-chair of the GSAPP capital campaign committee. David teaches the very highly regarded and popular course on group therapy at GSAPP.  He recently helped to sponsor the attendance of GSAPP students at the meetings in Chicago of the American Group Psychotherapy Association. David and his wife, Marsha, host a dinner each year for a number of NJPA members which raises funds for the NJ Psychological Foundation which results in a stipend given by the NJPF to a GSAPP student working in the Clinic.

2008 -Carole Salvador, Psy.D.

Carole Salvador Carole Salvador Psy.D. (1982 School) has been involved with the alumni organization from the beginning.  She was on the committee to form the alumni organization, she was secretary for a number of years, treasurer, and the second president of the organization. There were numerous tasks on which she worked during the early years.  Carole has emphasized that developing the alumni organization was a group effort involving many people.  Some of these tasks included:   
     *Establishing the structure, mission statement, a policies and procedural document.  
     *Membership development
     *Establishing and maintaining a nonprofit status.
     *Establishing the Alumni endowment fund and committee which is now referred to as the Alumni Scholarship Fund.