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Event Highlights 2010

June 2011
Anti Bullying Mykee Fowlin (Clinical, 2001) is the keynote speaker for the NJ Anti -Bullying Conference. Also presenting Brad Lerman (Organizational, 2003), Judith Springer (School, 1989), Rita Johnson (School, 1998). The conference is being held on June 9th at the Rutgers Busch Campus Center. In addition to raising awareness and providing information about bullying, the Conference will focus on evidence-based strategies and solutions for preventing bullying and building safe, caring school communities. More information

November 2010

Manischewitz Leora Manischewitz (Clinical ’83) and Robert Kalish hosted a dinner for New York City area alumni, spouses, and guests during November. 

Dean Stan Messer, Roz Dorlen (Clinical ’77), Lucy Takagi (Clinical ’06), David Panzer (School ’84) and Marsha Panzer crossed the river to reconnect with New York Alumni.  (Read More)

October 2010

Vandenbos Jane Annunziata VandenBos (Clinical ’83) and Gary VandenBos hosted a lovely brunch in their home for Dean Messer and our Washington, D.C. area alumni, spouses, and guests.  (Read More)

June 2010

Group San Francisco Caren Ludmer (Clinical, 1985) kindly hosted a San Francisco GSAPP alumni dinner at her home in June with Dean Stanley Messer, Dr. Dan Fishman and their spouses, Donna Messer and Claire Fishman.  Alumni in attendance included Haydee Montenegro (Clinical, 1986) and Margaret Bezmalinovic (Clinical, 2004).  (Read More)

May 2010

Alumni On the evening of Saturday, May 8th, students, faculty, staff and friends of GSAPP gathered to celebrate the achievements of colleagues past and present at the annual GSAPP Alumni Organization & Dean’s Office Award Celebration. (Read More)

Messer On Sunday, May 16th, the GSAPP faculty, staff, and Dean recognized this year’s graduates at a celebration in the Life Sciences building, followed by afternoon Commencement at the Voorhees Mall on the College Avenue Campus. During the reception awards were presented to two of the graduates.The Cyril Franks Award was presented to Andrea Parent. The Robert Weitz Award was presented to Jennifer Foster. (Read More)

March 2010
Lidz and Slowinski On March 3, 2010 students and faculty gathered for the first colloquium in our GSAPP Alumni Speaker Series. This lunchtime colloquium was presented by two prominent 1977 GSAPP alumni: Drs. Carol Lidz and Julian Slowinski. The two graciously agreed to speak to the student body on their careers, the development of their professional lives, and advice for budding professionals. Students packed the conference room, with overflow listening intently from the hallways. (Read More)

January 2010
Florida group GSAPP School Program graduate, Betty Wachtel ‘77, kindly hosted a brunch at her home in Boynton Beach, Florida for GSAPP graduates and friends in the southeast Florida region.  Dean Stanley Messer was delighted to reconnect with alumni and founders, updating them on GSAPP and learning more about their practices and careers. 

Event Highlights 2009

August 2009
Forman Kruger Several GSAPP alumni participated in the APA convention in Toronto, Ontario. Judith Glassgold (1990 Clinical), presented a report from an APA Task Force. Dorothy W. Cantor (1976 School) presented psychology’s highest awards at the Awards Ceremony. Lou Kruger’s (1982 School) film documentary, Children Left Behind, was shown (see Alumni Highlights). Simon Rego (2002 Clinical) participated a plenary session.
More on the APA Conference.

June 2009
Milton and Sandra The 12th Biennial Conference of the APA’s Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA) was held from June 18-21, 2009. Rutgers University collaborated with Montclair State University, the host of this year’s conference. Two GSAPP alumni served as the SCRA Conference Co-Chairs and Logistics Coordinators: Dr. Milton Fuentes, (1998 Clinical) and Dr. Sandra Lewis (1984 Clinical). These two alumni also contribute as Co-Chairs on the National Planning Committee of the organization. In addition, Dr. Cary Cherniss actively participates on the Local Planning Committee, while Dr. Maurice Elias, joint appointment faculty member, acted as Program Co-Chair. More on the SCRA Conference.

May 2009
brunch GSAPP Alumni and Dean’s Office Celebration Brunch, was held on Sunday, May 3rd in the Life Sciences Bldg. Atrium, Busch Campus.

More on the Celebration Brunch.

Dean Messer The Commencement Ceremony was held on Wednesday, May 20, 2009, at 1:30 p.m. on Voorhees Mall. GSAPP held a Graduation Reception in the Life Sciences Bldg. Atrium in the morning.

More on commencement.

January 2009
Stan and Susan GSAPP Boston Alumni Event - Susan Schnur (2007 Clinical) and her husband Len Fishman hosted dinner for our Boston area alumni and their spouses and guests.  Dean Stanley Messer gave an update of current happenings at GSAPP along with a vision for the future.

Read the full story.

Event Highlights 2008

May 2008
Graduates The Commencement Ceremony was held on Wednesday, May 21, 2008, at 1:30 p.m. on Voorhees Mall. GSAPP held a Graduation Reception in the Life Sciences Bldg. Atrium in the morning.

See the event

April 2008
smith The main 2008 event was the Alumni Organization 15th Anniversary Gala at the Zimmerli Museum in April 2008. Those who founded the Alumni Organization were honored. The first Grace K. Smith Award for Meritorious Service to the Alumni Organization was presented to Dr. Carole Salvador. The first Alumni Award for Distinguished Career Achievement was presented to Dr. Suzanne Phillips. The GSAPP Band, "Group Therapy", under the leadership of Dr. Oades-Sese was a big hit!  Especially with guest vocalist Dr. Stan Messer singing "Dr. Freud"! Read the full story.