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GSAPP Boston Alumni Event – January 10, 2009

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GSAPP alumna Susan Schnur (2007 Clinical) and her husband Len Fishman hosted dinner for our Boston area alumni and their spouses and guests.  Despite the ever-falling snow, Susan and Len’s beautiful Beacon Hill home was an oasis of warmth, great food, and lively conversation.  Alumni from various parts of the city reconnected and in some cases met for the first time.  Dean Stanley Messer gave an update of current happenings at GSAPP along with a vision for the future. 



Susan and Len provided a special atmosphere for our GSAPP alumni to learn more about each other and the latest news from GSAPP.  Alumni in attendance chatted until the early hours of the morning, collecting email addresses and vowing to get together again soon.  Those in attendance included:  Anne Auerbach (1979 School) Gina Arons (1985 Clinical) and spouse Ron Siegel (1983 Clinical) Anne Marie Lasoski (1994 Clinical), Alisa Levine (1983 Clinical) and spouse Michael Miller, MD (editor of the Harvard Mental Health Letter), Rebecca Rabin (2003 Clinical), Elizabeth Torres (1996 Clinical) and spouse Edmund Neuhaus PhD (Co-Director of the Psychology Internship Program at McLean Hospital) and Elana Messer, Stan Messer’s daughter.  A number of alumni unable to attend due to previous commitments sent along their best wishes and hope to attend a future event.   

It was a truly special evening, and we extend our warmest appreciation to Susan, Len, and daughter Annie for their generous hospitality and to all of our alumni who ventured out in the snow for this great event. 

Look for Dean Messer in a town near you as he plans to visit the tri-state area other parts of the country to reconnect with our alumni.