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GSAPP South East Florida Alumni/Friends Gathering January 2010

GSAPP School Program graduate, Betty Wachtel ‘77, kindly hosted a brunch at her home in Boynton Beach, Florida for GSAPP graduates and friends in the southeast Florida region.  Dean Stanley Messer was delighted to reconnect with alumni and founders, updating them on GSAPP and learning more about their practices and careers.  Wachtel
From Left to Right: A. Eugene Shapiro (GSAPP Founder & RC ‘46), Robert D. Weitz  (GSAPP Founder),  Betty R. Wachtel (1977, School) Stanley B. Messer (GSAPP Dean)
Two members of GSAPP’s Organizing Council, Dr. Robert Weitz and Dr. Eugene Shapiro, also of Boynton Beach, attended.  In 1939, Dr. Weitz, opened one of the first private practices in the nation, and he served as Executive Vice President and Acting Dean for the “College of Professional Psychology” in 1970 which led to the establishment of GSAPP in 1974.  Dr. Shapiro was involved in the development of GSAPP as a professional school for clinical and school psychologists, and he made one of the first donations to help the School get established.   
Host Betty Wachtel, now retired, enjoyed a long career in school psychology and private practice while living in Chicago. Jim Betty is now volunteering considerable time in the area of court advocacy for children.  The group was also joined by Evelyn Hochberg ’83 (Clinical), who has a private practice in Boca Raton, Florida. 

Many thanks to Betty and Jim Wachtel for hosting the event and for providing delicious food and a wonderful atmosphere.