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Alumni Event Highlights

GSAPP Alumni Organization 15th Anniversary Celebration, April 5, 2008 at the Zimmerli Museum

The GSAPP Alumni Organization 15th Anniversary Celebration was held on April 5, 2008 at the Zimmerli Museum. At the event, the GSAPP Alumni Organization recognized those who were responsible for founding the organization, including Dr. Ken Schneider, Dr. Ruth Schulman, Dr. Sandra Harris, Dr. David Panzer, Dr. Carole Salvador, Dr. Elinor Bashe, Dr. Lillian Brunell, Dr. Frank Calandra, Dr. Roz Dorlen, Dr. Jesse Whitehead, and the late Dean Perry London.

group pic

Alumni, students and faculty enjoy the Zimmerli gala
Group Therapy

The GSAPP Band, "Group Therapy", under the leadership of Dr. Oades-Sese was a big hit! 


Especially with guest vocalist Dr. Stan Messer singing "Dr. Freud"!

At the event, the GSAPP AO presented its first award for Meritorious Service to the alumni organization.  It was suggested to the board that we name this award in honor of the late Grace K. Smith, a 1978 alumna, who served for many years on the board until her untimely death in 2006.   Dr. Carole Salvador was presented with the first Grace K. Smith Award at the gala event. Carole has been involved with the alumni organization from the beginning.  She was on the committee to form the alumni organization, she was secretary for a number of years, treasurer, and the second president of the organization. 

Grace Smith Award

James Smith presents the Grace K. Smith Award to Dr. Carole Salvador

There were numerous tasks on which she worked during the early years.  Carole has emphasized that developing the alumni organization was a group effort involving many people.  Some of these tasks included:   
     *Establishing the structure, mission statement, a policies and procedural document.  
     *Membership development
     *Establishing and maintaining a nonprofit status.
     *Establishing the Alumni endowment fund and committee which is now referred to as the Alumni Scholarship Fund.

Another new award was also presented, the GSAPP Alumni Distinguished Career Achievement Award.   It recognizes GSAPP alumni who have distinguished themselves by contributions they have made in their chosen fields of endeavor, by the leadership they have exhibited, and by the general benefits to the larger society resulting from their activities.  The first recipient is Dr. Suzanne Phillips.

Suzanne Phillips is a member of the first graduating class of GSAPP in 1976.
Suzanne began her career as a school psychologist.  In 1977 she established a private practice in Long Island.

Since 1977, Suzanne has presented on diverse psychological topics to both professional and lay audiences.  Since 2001, her career interest has focused on the treatment aftermath of trauma, with especial emphasis on survivors and families of 9/11. 

Following 9/11 Suzanne provided direct service to survivors, widows and emergency response personnel.  In affiliation with the American Group Psychological Association (AGPA) she supervised and trained other clinicians working with trauma.  She has been an invited panelist for Online Trauma Symposia presented by AGPA, offering information to mental health workers from around the world.  After 9/11, she conducted and supervised bereavement groups for firefighters and corporate widows. 

Together with Dianne Kane, DSW, Assistant Director of the Counseling Center for the Fire Department of NY, Suzanne developed and conducted the Couples Connection Program for active firefighters and their wives.  This was later redeveloped to address needs of retired firefighters and their families.  Suzanne presented papers on these programs at the AGPA meetings in 2004 and 2005.  Stemming from this work, Suzanne has been working with police wives groups, addressing topics such as “Dealing with Children’s Fears”, and “The Handling of Trauma”.  In 2004, Suzanne was one of the conference Team Leaders for the Protocol Conference for Trauma Work, sponsored under a grant from the AGPA.  Currently, Suzanne’s interest  and outreach in trauma work continues.  Most recently, she presented before a congressional panel in 2008 on mental health treatment for veterans and their families.