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Clinical Dept. Forms
Internship Clinic Paperwork Form
Oral Exam - Purpose and Philosophy & Form
Program Proposal (For cohorts entering Fall, 2014 and after)
Program Proposal (For cohort entering 2013-2014)
References on EBP for Students who Took the Clinical Comps in 2007 or Afterward
1.Chambless & Ollendick (2001) "Empirically-supported psychological interventions"
2.APA Presidential Task Force (2006) "Evidence-Based Practice in Psychology"
3. Spring (2007) "Evidence-based practice in clinical psychology"
References for Students who Entered the Program in 2009 or Afterward
1. Casebook for Clinical Supervision - A Competency Based Approach
2. Psychotherapy-Based Approaches to Supervision
PsyM Application - clinical Rev. (10/17)
School Dept. Forms
Council of Directors of School Psychology Doctoral Level Internship Guidelines (Revised version)
School Psychology Doctoral Internship Agreement

School Psychology Doctoral Internship Activities Summary and Log

Internship Progress Report
Student's Eligibility to Apply for Internship Form
Oral Specialty Examination Topic and Approval Form Oral Specialty Examination Topic and Approval Form - interactive
Overview of School Psychology Practicum
School Based Practicum Competency Development Plan Contract
Practicum Handbook
Practicum Progress Report Form

Program Proposal
students entering before 2015

Pg 3 revised

Program Proposal
for students entering 2015 and after


PsyM Application - school