Fall 2017 Course Syllabi's
Course Number
Course Title
Course Instructor
18:820:504 Foundations/CB (school) Fishman
18:820:506 Social Developmental Foundations of Human Behavior D. Shernoff
18:820:507 Learning Theory & Cognitive Behavioral Foundations Rizvi
18:820:509:01 Analytic Foundations (clinical students) Skean
18:820:509:02 Analytic Foundations (clinical students) Hersey
18:820:531 Clinical Interviewing & Assessment Indart
18:820:532 Basic Therapeutic Strategies with Children and Adolescents (school) Gregory
18:820:550 History and Systems of Psychology (clinical) Fishman
18:820:560 Self-Psychopathology and the Modern Age Sass
18:820:565:01 Adult Psychopathology (clinical) Walkup
18:820:565:02 Adult Psychopathology (school) Greif
18:820:570:01 Psychological Interventions with Ethnic Minority Clients Boyd-Franklin
18:820:575:01 Diversity & Racial Identity Kelly
18:820:575:02 Diversity & Racial Identity Kelly
18:820:581:01 Statistical Methods & Design Analysis - clinical Mun
18:820:581:02 Statistical Methods & Design Analysis - school Fagley
18:820:609 Crisis Intervention Indart
18:820:638:01 & 02 Personality Assessment/Adult Sass
18:821:535 Psychoanalytic Theories of Personality and Psychopathology (Independent Study) Sass
18:821:547 Introduction to Group Psychotherapy Panzer
18:821:555 Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Essential Skills for the Assessment and Treatment of Anxiety and Depression Chu
18:821:568 Eating and Weight Disorders Wilson
18:821:608 Clinical Research and Treatment for Youth Anxiety and Depression (YAD-C) Chu
18:821:613 Practice of DBT Rizvi
18:821:615 Family Therapy Boyd-Franklin
18:821:624 Theory and Practice of CBT II Wilson
18:821:639 Short Term Psychodynamic Therapy Messer
18:821:643 Advanced Analytic Supervision McWilliams
18:821:645 Advanced Group Therapy Supervision Panzer
18:821:647 Advanced Couple Therapy Supervision Skean
18:821:653 Supervision and Professional Development Diaz-Martinez
18:826:532 Basic Therapeutic Strategies Gregory
18:826:543 Human Development Strobel
18:826:544 Pediatric Behavioral Medicine Shahidullah
18:826:550 Introduction to School Psychology Segal
18:826:558 Adult Organization Learning & Change: Effective Program Planning & Implementation Forman
18:826:605:01 Adv. School Supervision McDonough
18:826:605:02 Adv. School Supervision Romasz-McDonald
18:826:605:03 Adv. School Supervision Segal
18:826:605:04 Adv. School Supervision Golding
18:826:609:01 & 02 Learning and Academic Interventions: Research to Practice Cleary
18:826:612:01 Consultation Methods Reddy
18:826:612:02 Consultation Methods Lekwa
18:826:630:01 Cognitive Assessment (school students) Dulfer
18:826:630:02 Cognitive Assessment (school students) Sabo
18:826:631:01 School Psychology Internship McDonough
18:826:633 School Psychology Internship Seminar McDonough