Spring 2011 Course Syllabi

Course Number
Course Title
Course Instructor
18:820:502:01 Theoretical Foundation of Intervention Systems (for clinical students) Cherniss
18:820:502:02 Theoretical Foundation of Intervention Systems (for school students) Cherniss
18:820:503 Theortical Foundations/Analytic (school) (last 5 weeks fall/first 5 weeks spring) Riggs Skean
18:820:505:01 Cognitive Social Development Psychology Fagley
18:820:550 Systems of Psychology Fishman
18:820:560 Self Psychopathology & the Modern Age Sass
18:820:563:01 Child Psychopathology (for clinical students) Kelly
18:820:563:02 Child Psychopathology (for school students) Gregory
18:820:570 Psychological Interventions with Ethnic Minority Clients and Families Boyd-Franklin
18:820:575:90 Diversity & Racial Identity (ONLINE) Kelly
18:820:585:01 Advanced Stats & Research Design Mun
18:820:585:02 Advanced Stats & Research Design Fagley
18:820:609:01 Crisis Intervention Indart
18:820:613 Professional Ethics, Standards, and Career Development Fishman
18:820:631 Cognitive-Behavioral Assessment of Psychological Disorders in Children Oades-Sese
18:820:634:01/02 Psychodyanmic Interview Walkup
18:820:635:01 Cognitive-Behavioral Assessment - Adult Rizvi
18:820:636 Personality Assessment/Child Haboush
18:821:555 CBT: Essential Skills for the Treatment of Anxiety, Depression, and Personality Disorder Chu
18:821:556 Clinical Research and Treatment for Youth Anxiety and Depression Chu
18:821:568 Eating & Weight Disorders Wilson
18:821:611 Serious Mental Illness Walkup
18:821:612 Fundamentals of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (first 10 weeks) Rizvi
18:821:616 Family Therapy Boyd-Franklin
18:821:625 CBT Theory & Practice I Wilson
18:821:637 Basic Principles of Psychoanalytic Therapy Warren
18:821:640 Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy Riggs Skean
18:826:557 Psychoeducational Learning Disabilities Reddy
18:826:602 School Based Psychological Interventions Forman
18:826:606:01 Adv. School Supervision Haboush
18:826:616 Planning & Evaluation of Human Services Program Maher
18:826:617:90 Assessment and Intervention in Sports Psychology (ONLINE) Maher