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1. Unless faculty informs you otherwise, papers are to be written in APA style. In writing papers remember these points to ensure academic integrity:

  • If you cite someone else's ideas, in that person's own words, you must put quotation marks around the words and indicate where they came from.
  • If you cite someone else's ideas, in your own words, you must indicate where the ideas came from.


  • Changing a word or two in someone else's sentences is not appropriate when presenting the ideas and words as your own.

2. The University Code of Academic Integrity

  • Academic Integrity
  • Rutgers University Interim Academic Integrity Policy

    Since adherence to a code of conduct can be seen as a function of socialization into the group whose norms are reflected in such a code, culpability may be assessed differentially for those with more and less experience as members of the academic community; thus, violations of academic integrity by graduate students will presumably be penalized more severely than violations by first semester undergraduate students.