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An internship is intended to be one of the culminating training experiences for a student prior to graduation. In addition to providing necessary documentation to the program, tracking clinical activities throughout the course of graduate training has the added benefit of easing the burden during the internship application process.

    1. All students must register for internship. Those on full-time internships must register for 3 credits in the Fall and Spring semesters. For part-time internships students register for 1 credit in Fall and 2 credits in spring for each of two years. School students may need to register for additional credits of internship seminar in order to fulfill group supervision and training activities requirements. International students should register for 3 credits in the fall, 2 credits in the spring and 1 credit in the summer.

    2. Student Loan Repayments/Deferrals: The Financial Aid Office and the Registrar's Office will certify that although students are registered for only 3 credits each semester, this is recognized as being a full-time student for the purpose of loan deferments. Students may apply for financial aid for the year on internship. They should apply before March 15 to be considered for aid for the following internship year. However, GSAPP regards you as a full-time student while you are on internship.

    3. Graduation Before Completion of the Internship: All students must have successfully passed and completed their approved internship in order to graduate. (Rev. 8/2017)