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a) School Psychology Students: For a one day a week practicum, register for 18:820:689:02 for 3 credits; if you have a two-day a week practicum, register for both 18:820:689:02 and 18:820:690:02 for a total of 6 credits. If you have a three day practicum, you should also register for 18:820:691:03for a total of 9 credits. School psychology students are required to complete a minimum of 2 credits in the Psychological Clinic Practicum, 21 credits of Professional Practicum Placement, 13 credits of Supervision in School Psychology, and 6-10 credits of Internship. Any School student wanting to identify an experience as “practicum” per se, must be enrolled in a Supervision group.  School students who have completed all of their practicum credits, but wish to obtain additional documented “practicum” experience, such as an externship, should register for Advanced Practicum and Supervision in School Psychology 18:826:606.

b) Clinical Psychology Students: Students are required to register for .5 practicum credits (18:820:695) in the fall and spring of each year that they participate in a practica (whether internal or external). Clinical students are required to complete 4 practicum credits for graduation (for Years 1-4). If students complete a practica in subsequent years, they are required to complete a practicum contract and are expected to register for .5 practicum credits in the fall and spring semester of that year. Supervisors' evaluations of students are completed during each semester, rating items such as the student's performance in the practicum and response to supervision. Students are expected to complete an evaluation of the practicum site, available to all other students on request.

c) GRADES: Grades of P (Pass), NC (No Credit), or INC (Incomplete) are given each semester for Clinical students by  the GSAPP Coordinator of Practicum Placements and for School Students by the School Practicum/Internship Coordinator, based on the supervisors' evaluations. A grade of Pass indicates that the practicum has been successfully completed. A grade of NC is given when the supervisor feels that the student did not successfully complete the practicum. A grade of INC is given if the practicum contract has not been signed, if the supervisor has not completed an evaluation of the student, and/ or a student has not completed an evaluation of the practicum site. It is students’ responsibility to ensure that this paperwork is completed and to request a grade change from the GSAPP Coordinator of Practicum Professional Practicum or School Psychology Practicum/Internship Coordinator.