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September 2017

Nicole Eskenasi (4th year Clinical) was awarded the New Jersey Psychological Association Foundation’s Scholarship for Research on Diversity Issues for her submission,  “Women Warriors: Exploring the Various Dimensions of Female Service-Members’ Role Identities." She will be receiving this award in November at NJPA's fall conference.

February 2017

Erica Pawlo, (3rd year School) and Nikki Schreihofer, (3rd year school), presented a poster at NASP 2017 entitled "Effective for all? Variability in students' during an intervention"

April 2016

RWJMH 17th Annual Department of Psychiatry Poster Session. Rebecca Lefkowitz, MA, Beth Molnar, BA, and Dr. Karen Haboush presented a poster entitled "Enhancing Self-Compassion and Resilience Through Clinical Supervision and Psychotherapy Training: An Attachment Theory Perspective"

  Jessica Yu, a Clinical PhD graduate student working with Dr. Terry Wilson, has been awarded a Graduate School Research Award. 

  Aishah Manuel (2nd year, School), received a Community Service Project Grant from New Jersey Psycological Association. (read more)

February 2015
Kagedan Bin Kagedan (3rd year, Clinical), has been chosen as an APA Division 39 (Psychoanalysis) Graduate Student Scholar for 2015 (read more)

October 2014

  The following students have been awaraded the 2014 Grace K Smith Meritorious Service Award:

William W. Benson, (4th yr, Clinical)
Leah Dembitzer, (3rd yr, School)
Jaclyn Kanrich, (4th yr, School)
Mercedes Okosi, (2nd yr, Clinical)

(read more)

ember 2013
maynigo Traci Maynigo,(4th yr, Clinical) has been awarded a $2450.00
research grant from the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT) for her dissertation, titled, “Cultural Differences In Attachment and Emotion: Emotionally Focused Therapy With Intercultural Couples”. The grant is the first to be awarded from the new ICEEFT Research Fund and covers research expenses as well as 50% of the cost of Core Skills Advanced Training in Emotionally Focused Therapy at the New York Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy (NYCEFT).

November 2013
Morales Amanda Morales (4th yr, Clinical) has been awarded the 2013 Dr. Zellig Bach Award for the Study of the Family from the New Jersey Psychological Association Foundation, for "A Population In The Dark: Bringing The Effects Of Familial Incarceration On Youth To Light". Awarded for research pertaining to psychological sequelae of divorce, adoption, teenage pregnancy, single parents with dependent children, interpersonal abuse, substance abuses, custody, dual child care, etc.

Cregg-Wedmore Meredith Cregg-Wedmore, (School Program), is the 2013 Winner of the Winifred Starbuck Scott School Psychologist Training Award from the New Jersey Psychological Association Foundatio for "School-Based Mental Health Practices in New Jersey: Multidisciplinary Perspectives". Established to assist a graduate student in the completion of a distinguished project in school psychology (typically awarded during internship)

April 2013
Feng Cindy Feng (2nd year clinical doctoral candidate) is the recipient of an APA Minority Fellowship (MF). This predoctoral fellowship supports the training of practitioners in behavioral health services and prevention. The APA MF program is an innovative, comprehensive, and coordinated training and career development program that promotes psychological and behavioral outcomes of ethnic minority communities. Cindy, who has been under the advisement of Nancy Boyd-Franklin, and other faculty members at GSAPP states “I am very happy and grateful to be a recipient of this special award. I would like to extend my gratitude to the wonderful faculty at GSAPP who have inspired and nurtured my professional growth over the past two years”.

March 2013

Zandberg Rutgers University's counseling center has begun offering a treatment that employs  a "guided self-help" approach to help students overcome problem eating after Laurie Zandberg's (5th yr, Clinical) award-winning research showed promising results for the therapy. In a two-year study conducted by Laurie Zandberg, the therapy – in which clients use workbooks to track their own progress, only consulting with a mental health practitioner occasionally – was administered to Rutgers students diagnosed with either bulimia nervosa or binge-eating disorders. Among the 38 students who participated in the 12-week program, 42 percent experienced no binge episodes and 63 percent no longer met criteria for an eating disorder after the sessions ended. (read the RU Focus article)

Gaztambide Daniel Gaztambide (4th year Clinical) is the winner of CERCCL’s inaugural Multiculturalism and Psychoanalysis Award for his paper "Preferential Option for the Repressed: Psychoanalysis through the eyes of Liberation Theology." This award is given to a doctoral level student in the field of mental health who has written the best paper on racial, ethnic, and cultural issues in psychoanalysis. They commented "We found your paper to be outstanding. It is a fresh and intriguing contribution to the field of psychoanalysis..." (CERCCL is the Committee on Ethniciity, Race, Culture, Class and Language at NYU's Postdoctoral Program.)

February 2013

DeCandia Gabriela DeCandia (3rd yr, School) presented a paper (coauthored and presented with Dr. Peter Heinze) entitled "Assessing the Learning of White Students on Themes of White Privilege & Racism" at the Teachers College Winter Roundtable on February 15th, 2013.

Palladino Melissa Palladino (2nd yr, School) has a journal article in publication:
Powers, K. L., Brooks, P. J., Aldrich, N. J., Palladino, M. A, & Alfieri, L. (In Press). The effects of video games on information processing:  A meta-analytic investigation. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review.

Palladino Melissa Palladino, Lindsey Zahra and Jen Rodriguez have a book chapter in press with Dr. Ryan Kettler:
Kettler, R.J., Feeney-Kettler, K.A., Palladino, M.A., Zahra, L.P., & Rodriguez, J.C. (In Press). A comprehensive framework for evaluating systems for screening preschool behaviors. In Preschool children: Education, language, social functioning and behavioral issues. Hauppauge, New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

September 2012

Zandberg Laurie Zandberg (5th yr, Clinical) is the 2012 recipient of the 'Graduate Student Research Award' from the Obesity and Eating Disorders Special Interest Group of the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapists(ABCT). The award is for her dissertation research titled "Train-the-Trainer: Implementation of Cognitive Behavioral Guided Self-Help for Recurrent Binge Eating in a Naturalistic Setting'. Laurie is currently completing her internship at Montefiore Medical Center.

Friedman Shoshanna Friedman (4th yr, School) is the recipient of a scholarship award of $7,000 from the Executive Women of New Jersey. She was also voted the most outstanding candidate among 11 scholarship winners who themselves where chosen from among many more applicants. She was presented with the President's Award at a reception on Thursday September 19.

July 2012
  Dr. Karen Haboush and Lauren Poleyeff (3rd yr, School), presented a poster at the the 34th Annual International School Psychology Association Conference at McGill University, Montreal, Canada in July. The poster was titled, "Integration of Attachment Theory and Training of School Psychologists.

June 2012
Zandberg Dr. Terry Wilson and Laurie Zandberg (5th yr, Clinical), published the the article: 'Cognitive-behavioral guided self-help for eating disorders: effectiveness and scalability', Clinical Psychology Review, 32, 343-357.

Jenny and Dean Messer The Virginia Bennett award goes to Jennifer Jones (3rd yr, School) for her commitment and enthusiasm working with at risk youth in Newark, Somerset and Trenton, and her work with the Rutgers Somerset Project under the direction of Dr. Nancy Boyd -Franklin. Given in honor and memory of Virginia Bennett, who chaired the school Psychology program for many years, the award is presented annually to a student who evidences dedication to the use of psychological skills and knowledge to alleviate the problems of minority group children in coping with the educational process.
Chelsea and Dean Messer For her willingness to help others, her positive attitude, and for her tireless work and very active involvement in reviving the JSA (Jewish Student Alliance), this year’s Dean's award goes to Chelsey Dworkin (2nd yr, School). Presented annually to the student who has done the most to foster and enhance the quality of life at GSAPP during the academic year.

May 2012
Greif The Robert D. Weitz Award was presented by Dean Stanley Messer to Rebecca Greif (5th yr, Clinical) for her helpfulness to other students, and for her unending dedication to her research working with the eating disorders prevention program “Reflections”. This award is presented to the graduating student whose energy, spirit, and enthusiasm evidences a dedication and willingness to work in the interests of professional psychology and the people it serves.

Lambright The Cyril Franks Award was presented to Nathan Lambright (5th yr, Clinical). This award is presented to the graduating student whose doctoral dissertation evidences outstanding scholarship and reflects GSAPP’s standard of excellence. Nathan’s dissertation was titled “Using A Pairing Procedure to Develop Reinforcers for Children on the Autism Spectrum with a Restricted Range of Preferred Items”.  

Sulman Fellowship Nicole Vigoda (1st yr, Clinical) was awarded the The Ruth and Mel Schulman Endowed Fellowship for 2012.
Pictured: Ruth Schulman, Nicole Vigoda, Joel Schulman

Award Sara Detrick, (5th year, Clinical) has been awarded the first Bonnie Markham Award, for her efforts to improve service provision to diverse populations.
Pictured: Bonnie Markham, Sara Detrick, GSAPP Dean Stan Messer.

February 2012

Gaztambide Daniel Gaztambide, (3rd yr, Clinical), was elected Member-At-Large for the Latino Psychological Association of New Jersey (LPANJ). February 2nd, 012.

Daniel presented a paper (with Walter Hidalgo) entitled "A Minister, A Therapist, and a Mic: Integrating Hip-Hop and Spirituality in Counseling and Ministry with Ethnic Minority Youth" at the One Mic: Hip-Hop Therapy & Psychology Conference, February 4th, 2012.

Daniel presented a paper entitled "Culture, rupture, & the therapeutic relationship" at the Teachers College Winter Roundtable, February 24th, 2012.

NASP Alyssa Augustyniak (2nd yr, School) and Gabrielle Gonzales (1st yr, School) presented two posters at NASP's Annual Convention in Philadelphia, PA.

Linda A. Reddy, Christopher M. Dudek, Katrina M. Heinig, Alyssa Augustyniak, Beth G. Barbarasch, Gabrielle Gonzales, Jaclyn Kanrich, David Singer, Amanda Green, Visual Performance Feedback on Classroom Wide-Strategies.

Linda A. Reddy, Christopher M. Dudek, Katrina M. Heinig, Alyssa Augustyniak,Beth G. Barbarasch, Gabrielle Gonzales, Jaclyn Kanrich, David Singer, Amanda Green, Instructional and Behavioral Management Practices Implemented by Elementary School Teachers on the Classroom Strategies Scale

Jenny Jones Jenny Jones (2nd yr, School) made two presentations at NASP's Annual Convention in Philadelphia, PA.
Participant Information Exchange Sessions:
"The Effects of High School Discipline on Achievement and Dropout"
"Culturally Competent Evidence Based Practice"

  Journal publication: Brian Chu, Margaret Areizaga (4rd yr, Clinical), Rachel Merson (5th yr, Clinical), Laura Zandberg (4th yr, Clinical), 'Calibrating for comorbidity: Clinical decision-making in youth depression and anxiety'. Cognitive and Behavioral Practices.

December 2011

Gaztambide Daniel Gaztambide, (3rd yr, clinical), presented a paper entitled "A multisystemic, multimodal approach to gang-prevention among at-risk Latino youth" at the 12th Annual Conference of the Latino Psychological Association of New Jersey, December 2nd, 2011.

November 2011

Singer David Singer, (1st year, School) has been appointed as the Graduate Student Representative on the disability Services Advisory Board, Rutgers University, New Brunswick Campus.

August 2011
Karger Melanie Karger (2nd year, Clinical) has co-authored a chapter with Dr. Nancy Boyd-Franklin, (in press) African American families: Intersections of race, class and poverty. In F. Walsh (Ed.).Normal family processes (4thed.). New York, Guilford Press.

June 2011
Wiltshire Alexandra Wiltshire (5th year, School) received the 2009-2010 Dean’s Award for her accomplishments and hard work while at GSAPP. Students and faculty at GSAPP nominate candidates and then vote for the award recipient. She is currently on an (APPIC) internship at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center in the Bronx, where she works with children and adolescents as an evaluator, consultant, and therapist. (read more) Alexandra presented a poster with Dr. Nancy Fagley at the Second World Congress on Positive Psychology, Philadelphia

-Fagley, N. S., & Wiltshire, A. Appreciation: Significant factor in perceived social support, beyond gratitude and the Big 5 personality factors.

April 2011
Ramirez GSAPP recently recognized Vanessa Ramirez’s numerous achievements by presenting her with the Virginia Bennett Award. Vanessa (5th yr, Clinical) earned this honor through her academic and applied passion for alleviating the problems of ethnic minority children. (read more)

Gatzambide Daniel Gaztambide (2nd yr, Clinical) has been awarded a predoctoral Minority Fellowship in Mental health and Substance Abuse Services (MHSAS). This is a federally funded program to support doctoral training in psychology that seeks to: Promote culturally competent behavioral health services and policy for ethnic minority populations, increase the number of ethnic minority psychologists providing behavioral health services and developing policy for ethnic minority populations.
Poster Tova Lane, (3rd yr, School) and Hala Alyan, (2nd yr, Clinical) presented a poster with Dr. Karen Haboush entitled: “Culturally Sensitive Assessment and Intervention with Sexually Abused Children: Perspectives on Arab-American and Orthodox Jewish Culture”, at The Center for Child Advocacy at Montlcair State University on April 15th.
Heather Hamed (4th yr, School) published an article in the April 2011 issue of Educational Leadership. The article entitled, "Girls Leading Outward," addresses the ways in which this school-based intervention facilitates students' transition into high school.

March 2011
Desiree Romaguera, (3rd yr, Clinical), won an award for the poster she presented at the Eastern Psychological Association conference in Cambridge, MA, “Symptomatology Profiles of Child Victims of Sexual Abuse as Predictors of Caretaker Attendance in Group Therapy”

February 2011

Danielle Narkaus (3rd yr, School) and Heather Hamed (4th yr, School) presented a workshop at the Association of Student Assistance Coordinators of New Jersey Conference in February. The title of the workshop was called "The Girls Leading Outward Program." They educated NJ education professionals on the key components of the program and how they can use it in their school.

November 2010
GSAPP participation at the 44th annual Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies meeting, San Francisco, CA:

Posters Presented:

Atara Hiller (3rd yr, Clinical)
, 'Relationship between type of childhood sexual abuse and treatment outcome for game-based cognitive behavioral therapy'.

Margaret Areizaga (3rd yr, Clinical), Rachel Merson (4th yr, Clinical), Brian Chu, 'Differences in Parental Intrusiveness as a Function of Parental Problems with Anxiety or Depression'.

Rachel Merson (4th yr, Clinical), Margaret Areizaga (3rd yr, Clinical), Chu, B.C., 'The Impact of Parental Mental Health Problems on Initial Symptom Severity among Children with Anxiety and Depression Presenting for Treatment in an Outpatient Clinic'.

Symposium Presented:

Brian Chu, Margaret Areizaga (3rd yr, Clinical), Petra Esseling, Laura Skriner, Sophia Talbott, 'The SKILLS Program: an Interdisciplinary Transdiagnostic Approach to Behavioral Activation'.

October 2010
Bonnie Gordic Two of our students have been selected as recipients for Graduate Merit Awards from The Executive Women of New Jersey (EWNJ). Bonnie Gordic (3rd yr, Clinical) has been chosen to receive a $5000 Graduate Merit Award and EWNJ’S 30th Anniversary Scholarship Award for being the most outstanding candidate this year. Jennifer Jones (2nd yr, School) has been selected for an EWNJ Graduate Merit Award of $3000. Jenny Jones

Gatzambide Daniel Gaztambide (2nd yr, Clinical) presented two papers at the "Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture and Society" Conference on "Psychoanalysis & Social Justice" (October 22-23), held at the University Inn, New Brunswick, NJ. The first paper explored the history of social justice initiatives in the early psychoanalytic movement, entitled "A Psychoanalysis of the Oppressed: Freud and Liberation Theology." The second paper was a clinical reflection on culturally competent psychodynamic therapy with Latino/a patients, entitled "Clinical and Speculative Reflections on Immigration, Acculturation, and “Cultural Competency”."

September 2010
This year the Dean’s Award is shared by Daniel Gaztambide (2nd year, Clinical) and Alexandra Wiltshire (5th year, School). The Dean’s Award is presented annually to the student(s) who have done the most to foster and enhance the quality of life at GSAPP during the past 2009-2010 academic year.

Ramirez This year the Virginia Bennett Award goes to Vanessa Ramirez (5th year, Clinical). The Virginia Bennett Award (given in honor and memory of Virginia Bennett, who chaired the School Psychology program) is presented annually to a student who evidences dedication to the use of psychological skills and knowledge to alleviate the problems of minority group children in coping with the educational process.

Atara Hiller (3rd year, Clinical) has published an article in the Journal of Personality Disorders. "Parental Viewpoints of Trajectories to Borderline Personality Disorder in Female Offspring", 24, 204-216.(2010).

August 2010
Jenny Jones (1st year, School) was awarded the APA Student Travel Award. Jenny along with many of our GSAPP students presented at 188th APA National Conference in San Diego California. Read the full article

July 2010

Meredith Cregg-Wedmore (5th year, School) was awarded the Melanie Merola O'Donnell Memorial Scholarship.  It is a $2500 scholarship awarded to "the applicant who best demonstrates the commitment to assist communities in a manner consistent with Melanie Merola O’Donnell’s values of compassion, generosity, respect, and honesty".

Ashleigh Pierre-Morgan (4th year, School) presented a poster with Dr. Karen Haboush at the International School Psychology Association Colloquium at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. The name of the poster was "Supervision of School Psychologists in Urban Settings". (Read More)

Jenny Jenny Jones (1st year, School) was awarded the Association of Black Psychologist Student Circle Black Ribbon Scholarship Graduate Research Award. She will be conducting a presentation "Closing the Discipline Gap: Restoring Positive Relationships between African American Teens and Their Teachers" at the ABPsi national convention in Chicago, IL in July.


June 2010

Atara Hiller (3rd year, Clinical) will present a poster at the 6th World Congress for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Boston, MA., "Importance of psychoeducation about sexual abuse in reducing internalizing and externalizing symptoms and increasing self-esteem among sexually abused children in treatment".

Heather Hamed (4th year, School) was an author for a poster presented at the World Congress of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies Conference in Boston. The poster was entitled "Girls Leading Outward: Framing an Intervention as a Leadership Experience"  The poster presented the approach to our girls' group. 

May 2010
Foster Award This year’s Robert Weitz Award went to Jennifer Foster (3rd year, School) for her excellent work in promoting the mental health of children in the Perth Amboy schools. The Robert Weitz Award is presented to the graduating student whose energy, spirit, and enthusiasm evidence a dedication and willingness to work in the interests of professional psychology and the people it serves.

Parent Award This year’s Cyril Franks Award went to Andrea Parent (4th year, School). Her dissertation title was: Effects of a Comprehensive Substance Use. The Cyril Franks Award is presented to the graduating student whose doctoral dissertation evidences outstanding scholarship and reflects GSAPP’s standard of excellence.

Lauren Steffel (1st year, Clinical) has published an article "Treatment utilization by gender in patients with Borderline Personality Disorder." Journal of Psychiatric Practice, 16(3), 155-163, 2010. 

March 2010
Heather Hamed (4th year, School) presented a poster that was entitled "Girls Leading Outward: Promoting Girls’ Leadership and Empowerment" at the Society for Community Research and Action Conference in Brooklyn.  The poster presented the successes of the girls' group currently being run through Maurice Elias' DSACS project in the Red Bank Middle School. 

February 2010
April Kabay (Ist year, School), has published the following two articles:
"Effects of doubling the portion size of fruit and vegetable side dishes on children's intake at a meal", Obesity, 2009.
" Energy density at a buffet-style lunch differs for adolescents born at high and low risk of obesity", Eating Behaviors, 10 (4), 209-214, 2009.

January 2010
Greif Rebecca Greif (3rd year, Clinical), has been leading the efforts of the Reflections: Body Image Project since 2008. The program was highlighted in a January Rutgers Focus Article "Sorority Sisters Say No More ‘Fat Talk’ as They Take Aim at ‘Thin Ideal’". The programs goal: to steer undergraduate women toward healthier habits, both physical and psychological.

Gaztambide Daniel Gaztambide (1st year, Clinical) had two chapters published in the three-volume series The Healing Power of Spirituality and Religion (2009, Praeger Publishers), edited by J. Harold Ellens. One is on psychoanalysis, social justice, and religion, entitled "Religion as a Wellspring of Healing and Liberation: Toward a Liberation Psychology of Religion," and the other is on psychoneuroimmunology and religion, entitled "The Role of the Placebo Effect, Individual Psychology, and Immune Response in Regulating the Effects of Religion on Health." More information

December 2009
Karen Lenard (2nd Year, School), is a co-author of an article with a Psy.D grad, (Mark Palmieri) and a research assistant professor at DDDC/GSAPP (Robert LaRue), as follows:
LaRue, R.H., Lenard, K., Weiss, M.J., Bamond, M., Palmieri, M. & Kelley, M.E. (in press) Comparison of Traditional and Trial-Based Methodologies for Conducting Functional Analyses. Research in Developmental Disabilities.
To view article on line, go to:

Gaztambide Daniel Gaztambide (1st year, Clinical) has an article on psychoanalysis and Puerto Rican identity coming out for the Fall 2009 issue of "The Humanities Review" journal, entitled "The Puerto Rican Hysteric as the Surplus of American Identity: Field Notes on the Political Geography of Citizenship". Due to the positive reviews of the article, he has been asked to speak at the journal's release party at St. John's University on Thursday, December 10th from 4-6pm. The lecture will be entitled "Hybridity and its Discontents: Psychoanalysis, racial difference, and Latina Identity".

November 2009
Daniel Gaztambide (1st year, Clinical) has contributed four entries to The "Encyclopedia of Psychology & Religion" (Springer Press, 2009). Daniel has contributed entries on the following topics: "Liberation Psychology," "Liberation Theology," "Ignacio Martin-Baro," and "Miracles". It has recently been published online to prescribing libraries and institutions. The Encyclopedia will be available in print in 2010.

October 2009
Shara Marrero (2nd year, Clinical) and David Kieval (3rd year, Clinical) presented a workshop entitled “Functional Assessment of Behavior:Evaluating Behavior in School and Home Settings”. Amy Hansford (2nd year, Clinical PhD) and Nathan Lambright (4th year, Clinical) presented a workshop entitled “Working with Challenging Behaviors:Designing Functional Intervention Strategies for Learners with Autism”. Both presentations took place at the Annual Autism New Jersey Conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey on October 9th.

Lara Brodzinsky (2nd Year, School) has an article out now, currently available for download and out in print soon. Moderating Effects of Neurocognitive Abilities on the Relationship between Temperament and Global Functioning Dione M. Healey;  Lara K. Brodzinsky;  Melissa Bernstein;  Beth Rabinovitz; Jeffrey M. Halperin Child Neuropsychology, 1744-4136.

September 2009
Daniel Gaztambide (1st year, Clinical) recently published a review of a book in the Journal of Religion & Health. The book reviewed is "Toward Psychologies of Liberation" by Mary Watkins & Helene Shulman, 408 pp. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008. The review is currently available online at SpringerLink while the print version is being prepared.

August 2009

Lara Brodzinsky and Ashley Keiser presented a poster with Dr. Linda Reddy at the APA convention in Toronto, Ontario. The poster was titled “Discriminant Validity of the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function Parent Form for Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder”

More on the APA Conference.

June 2009
Meir Flancbaum, Rob Happich, and Rachel A. Merson (Tourette Syndrome Program students) will present the following posters at the National Tourette Syndrome Association Conference:
- Two-Week Intensive Behavior therapy for Tics: A Case Study
Meir Flancbaum and Lori Rockmore
- An Overview of the Tourette Syndrome Program at Rutgers University
Rachel A. Merson, B.A., Rob Happich, B.A., Lori Rockmore, Psy.D.

May 2009
Johanna Morrow Johanna Morrow won the Robert Weitz Award 2009. Johanna has provided services to parents and teachers of individuals with severe developmental disabilities and has worked with children, adolescents, and families involved in foster care. She was awarded a select Fellowship from the U.S. Department of Education Preparation of Leadership Personnel Training Grant. With its support she completed a Concentration in sychological and Systems Support for Learning. Through this fellowship,

Jana Horowitz Jana Horowitz was awarded the Cyril Franks Award 2009. The title of Jana’s dissertation is: “Meeting the Needs of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities and Mental Retardation Who
Are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender; Are We there Yet?” Professor Franks praised it for its groundbreaking content and sound methodology.

April 2009
Candace DeCaires-McCarthy (Clinical student) has received an APA Minority Fellowship that will provide financial support for the 2009-2010 academic year.

Februrary 2009
Ashleigh Pierre-Morgan and Laura Heimlich (both 2nd year School students) and Chelsea Hetrick (2nd year Clinical student) presented at the National Association of School Psychologists in Boston, MA on February 24th. The presentation, entitled "Academic and Psychosocial Reintegration of the Child with Pediatric Cancer." examined the impact of pediatric cancer on children's academic and psychosocial development as related to optimal school reentry.

Grief Rebecca Greif, has been selected for the Academy for Eating Disorders Early Career Investigator Travel Fellowship, for the International Conference on Eating Disorders, in Cancun Mexico, April 29 - may 2nd 2009. The fellowship provides a travel stipend of $1500.  Rebecca will be part of a workshop taught by "internationally renowned experts" in eating disorders.  The recipients of these fellowships are a small number of international graduate and postdoctoral students who met rigorous selection criteria. Funding is from NIMH.

October 2008
Lara K. Brodzinsky, (School Psychology Student) presented a poster at the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry conference October 29th, 2008 with Jeffrey M. Halperin, Ph.D. of Queens College, City University of new York:
"Temperment, Childhood Psychopathology, and Adaptive Functioning"

Grief Rebecca Greif, in collaboration with Dr. Terry Wilson and Dr. Carolyn Becker, has implemented an evidence-based eating disorder prevention program with the Delta Gamma sorority at Rutgers University.  The program, entitled:  "Reflections:  The Sorority Body Project" is the first evidence-based eating disorder prevention program to be implemented on University campuses. The program centers around challenging the thin ideal and has been shown to reduce risk factors for eating disorders.  To learn more about this important nation-wide effort, please click on the link below:

Read the Daily Targum article: Annual Initiative Promotes Healthy Behaviors

August 2008
ramirez pic Vanessa Ramirez presented the following poster at the 2008 American Psychological Association (APA) Convention, Division 7 - Developmental Psychology:
Maternal Acculturation's Relationship to Preschool Mental Health
Vanessa Ramirez & Geraldine V. Oades-Sese

David Goldstein and Jennifer Foster presented posters at the 2008 American Psychological Association (APA) Convention, Division 16 - School Psychology:
goldstein pic Temperament Profiles and Academic Achievement Among At-Risk Hispanic American Preschoolers
David Goldstein & Geraldine V. Oades-Sese
foster pic The Role of Early Childhood Protective Factors on Academic Achievement
Jennifer Foster & Geraldine V. Oades-Sese

May 2008
latawiec messer Tamara Latawiec (GSAPP'08) was the 2008 Robert Weitz Award winner. Tamara became well known among GSAPP students because of her inclination to wear leopard skin and very stylish glasses, her special laughter and very caring way of being with her fellow students, how smart she is and how hard working she was at GSAPP and the Psychological Clinic.
In her role as Clinic coordinator, she contributed enormously to the Clinic's well-being and to helping students navigate the Clinic's systems. During an unprecedented third year as coordinator, Tamara single handedly assembled a Clinic Handbook that contains the instructions to the entire Clinic operation, as well as a compendium of ALL social service programs in the nearby five counties and beyond. For students working in the Clinic and for coordinators running the Clinic, it has had Biblical import in guiding them on the proper paths of clinical righteousness.

greenberg award Jennifer Greenberg (GSAPP'08) was awarded the Cyril M. Franks Award. This award is presented to the student whose doctoral dissertation evidences outstanding scholarship and reflects GSAPP's standard of excellence.

foster pic Jennifer Foster presented the following poster at the 2008 Association for Psychological Science (APS) Convention:
Bilingual Proficiency Leads to Social Competence and Positive Academic Outcomes.
Jennifer Foster & Geraldine V. Oades-Sese

April 2008
ramirez pic Vanessa Ramirez has been awarded an APA Minority Fellowship.

Ayelet Kattan, 2nd Year Clinical Student, co-authored the following publication:
Bertisch, H.C., Fava, J., Kattan, A., & Delisis, L.E. (2008). Preliminary neuropsychological findings in individuals at high genetic risk for schizophrenia. Early Intervention in Psychiatry, 2(1) 45- 49.

February 2008
Gina Marie Restivo, a 3rd year School Psychology student, presented two papers at the National Association of School Psychologists convention in New Orleans on Feb. 6-8, 2008. Gina’s papers were entitled:
1.) “Self-Monitoring Strategies and Outcomes for Adolescents with Autism”
2.) “Behavioral Parent Training for School Refusal Behavior in Developmental Disabilities”anessa Ramirez has been awarded an APA Minority Fellowship.