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Kimberly Sloman Kimberly Sloman Ph.D.
University of Florida

Clinical Faculty

Office: Psychology, 154 (DDDC at Ryders Lane)
Phone: 8489324500
Web Site: 151 Ryders Lane

Research Interests and Clinical Work:

Kim has worked with individuals with developmental disabilities and autism in both clinical and research endeavors for over 10 years. She is a board certified behavior analyst who has served as a primary therapist, implementing various instructional strategies for children with autism and developmental disabilities. Additionally, she has coordinated numerous research projects aimed at decreasing problem behavior and increasing functional communication. Her research interests include the assessment and treatment of severe problem behavior, skill acquisition, and caregiver training.

Instructor for the Following Courses:
FIELDWORK IN PSYCHOLOGY 830:396/397 (Fieldwork in Developmental Disabilities)

As an undergraduate, Kim became interested in the field of behavior analysis. She began to serve as a research assistant at the Children's Mental Health Unit working with children with developmental disabilities who exhibited severe problem behavior. After completing her B.S. in psychology in 2002, Kim entered the doctoral program in behavior analysis under the supervision of Dr. Timothy Vollmer. In 2008, she completed her Ph.D. in psychology and accepted a clinical assistant professorship at Rutgers University Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology. Kim currently serves as an Associate Director of Behavioral and Research Services at the Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center. At the DDDC, Kim supervises doctoral students and staff members who provide behavioral consultation to classrooms. In addition, she facilitates both internal and external research endeavors at the center. Kim has authored several articles and book chapters related to behavioral assessment and has presented at national and international conferences. She resides in Bridgewater, NJ with her husband, son, and two dogs.

Selected Publications:

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Sloman, K. N. (in press). Research trends in descriptive analysis. Behavior Analyst Today.

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