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Timothy Cleary Timothy Cleary Ph.D.
CUNY Graduate School and University Center

Associate Professor, Applied Core Faculty
Associate Professor

Office: Psychology, A345
Phone: 848-445-3982
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Research Interests and Clinical Work:

Dr. Cleary is an expert in self-regulated learning (SRL) theory, assessment, and intervention. He has developed a multi-dimensional SRL assessment system and has conducted SRL research in athletic, academic, and medical education fields for over the past decade. Dr. Cleary has published close to 40 peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, and books related to self-regulated learning (SRL), serving as the lead or sole author on the majority of publications. He is a co-editor of an SRL book, Applications of Self-Regulated Learning across Diverse Disciplines: A Tribute To Barry J. Zimmerman (Information Age Publishing, 2013), and the sole editor of a book, Self-Regulated Learning Interventions with At-Risk Youth: Enhancing Adaptability, Performance, and Well-Being (APA Press, in press). Dr. Cleary has received several grant awards over the past few years to support his research initiatives, with his most recent award coming from the Spencer Foundation.

Research Projects:
Dr. Cleary is involved in several current projects. As part of a Spencer Foundation grant, Dr. Cleary is examining the effectiveness of his Self-Regulated Empowerment Program (SREP) to improve the mathematics achievement, motivation, and self-regulated learning skills of academically at-risk youth at a local middle school in New Jersey. Dr. Cleary is also conducting a longitudinal study at a local middle school to examined the relations among contextual, motivation, and self-regulated learning (SRL) variables during the middle school years. Finally, Dr. Cleary is collaborating with Uniformed Services University on an innovative SRL assessment system with medical education students and has recently begun a collaboration with colleagues to study how SRL principles can be effectively applied with musicians.

Instructor for the Following Courses:
Learning and Academic Interventions; Psychoeducational Foundations of Learning Disabilities; Byrne Seminar: Success in schools: Why being smart is not always enough

Dr. Timothy J. Cleary is an associate professor in the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology (GSAPP) at Rutgers University. He earned his B.S. in Psychology from Manhattan College, his master's degree and professional certification in School Psychology from Queens College, and his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from CUNY Graduate School and University Center. Dr. Cleary worked as a school psychologist during the first three years of his career. After serving as an Assistant and Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee from 2004 to 2012, he joined the faculty at GSAPP in the Fall of 2012. Dr. Cleary devotes most of his time to conducting research on SRL and motivation-realted intervention and assessment issues as well as emerging trends and professional issues among school-based practitioners and educators. He has secured several research grants to support his research initiatives and has consulted at a national and international level. Throughout his career, Dr. Cleary has taught graduate level courses in cognitive-behavioral therapy, academic assessment and interventions, cognitive assessment, learning theory, and SRL assessment and intervention practices. In terms of service and leadership, Dr. Cleary serves on multiple editorial boards for top-tier journals, including The Journal of Educational Psychology, Journal of School Psychology, and Metacognition and Learning, and the Journal of Experimental Education. He has also served in a leadership capacity for numerous years on the executive board of the Studying and Self-Regulated Learning (SSRL) Special Interest Group for AERA from 2008-2014.

Awards and Honors:
1. Outstanding Manuscript of 2014, Division I, AERA
2. Review Recognition Award, Journal of School Psychology, 2011
3. Finalist for Outstanding Teaching Award, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, 2011
4. Early Career Award, Society for the Study of School Psychology, 2005

Selected Publications:
Please see attached pdf file for publications from 2012-2014

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