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Todd Glover Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Associate Research Professor, SSI Research Faculty

Phone: 848-445-5416


Todd Glover, PhD, is an Associate Research Professor in the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers University. He has been a principal investigator (PI) or co-PI of multiple projects funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute for Education Sciences, including large-scale randomized trials, a national research center, and a postdoctoral training program, all of which have focused on investigating the efficacy of school-based interventions for at-risk or underserved students. He has also been the PI of numerous state-funded educational intervention research and implementation projects. Dr. Glover’s research, editor/co-editorship of books, and scholarly writing in journals and chapters focuses on integrating evidence-based interventions and high quality professional development (including teacher coaching) into systems of support for students in school settings.

Selected Publications:
Kettler, R. J., Glover, T. A., Albers, C. A., & Feeney-Kettler, K. (Eds.). (2014). Universal screening in educational settings: Evidence-Based Decision Making for Schools. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Sheridan, S. M., Bovaird, J. A., Glover, T. A., Garbacz, S. A., Witte, A., & Kwon, K. (2012). A randomized trial examining the effects of Conjoint Behavioral Consultation and the mediating role of the parent-teacher relationship, School Psychology Review, 41, 23-46.

Glover, T. A., & Vaughn, S. (Eds.). (2010). The promise of Response to Intervention: Evaluating current science and practice. New York, NY: Guilford Press.

Glover, T. A., & DiPerna, J. C. (2007). Service delivery models for Response to Intervention: Core components and directions for future research. School Psychology Review, 36, 526-542.