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Stanley Messer Stanley Messer Ph.D.


Office: Psychology, A315
Phone: 848-445-3900

Research Interests and Clinical Work:

brief psychodynamic therapy; integration and eclecticism in psychotherapy; conceptual issues in psychotherapy and evidence-based practice; case formulation; single case studies; visions of reality in different forms of therapy

Instructor for the Following Courses:
Short Term Psychodynamic Therapy

Stanley B. Messer is Dean of GSAPP. Previous to becoming dean, he was Chairperson of the Department of Clinical Psychology. He is interested in the application of psychodynamic theory and research to the brief and integrative therapies and has contributed to the debate on evidence-based practice. His most recent volumes are Models of Brief Psychodynamic Therapy: A Comparative Approach and Essential Psychotherapies: Theory and Practice, 2nd ed. Dr. Messer has contributed to the literature on psychotherapy integration and eclecticism, examining its implications at the clinical, theoretical, and philosophical levels. He is an editorial board member of the journals: Psychotherapy; Journal of Psychotherapy Integration; and In Session: Journal of Clinical Psychology. He has been an associate editor of American Psychologist, a member of the editorial board of Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice and a consulting editor of Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. He is coeditor of and contributor to the volumes: Psychoanalytic Therapy and Behavior Therapy: Is Integration Possible?; Hermeneutics and Psychological Theory; History of Psychotherapy: A Century of Change; and Theories of Psychotherapy: Origins and Evolution. Dr. Messer is featured in the APA videotape, Brief Dynamic Therapy. As a licensed and practicing psychologist, Dr. Messer conducts psychotherapy and clinical assessments. He is an APA fellow in the divisions of Clinical Psychology, Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, and Psychotherapy.