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Anne Gregory Anne Gregory Ph.D.
UC Berkeley

Associate Professor, Applied Core Faculty
Associate Professor

Office: Psychology, A351
Phone: 848-445-3984
Web Site:

Research Interests and Clinical Work:

Dr.Gregory's work addresses the persistent trend that African American adolescents are issued school suspension and expulsion at higher rates than adolescents from other groups. Through research and intervention, she aims to address this trend by strengthening characteristics of teachers, classrooms, and schools associated with the successful schooling of African American students. Her research interests also include disproportionality in school discipline sanctions, teacher-student relationships, and teacher professional development.

Research Projects:
Dr. Gregory's has several data collection efforts underway:

Morningside Center for Teaching SocialResponsibility & Gregory, A. Whole School RP Project. U.S. Departmentof Education Investing in Innovation (i3) Fund. Thegrant will support the development and evaluation of an integration of restorativepractices (RP) and social and emotional learning (SEL) with an explicit focuson equity, culture, and bias awareness. Dr. Gregory will lead the evaluation ofthe program in four elementary, four middle, and four high schools in Brooklyn,New York.

Gregory, A. Restorative Justice in Four BrooklynSchools. Brooklyn CommunityFoundation. Formative and summative evaluation to identify thestrengths and challenges of implementing restorative justice programming infour Brooklyn middle and high schools.

Gregory A.,& Ruzek. E. Focused classroomcoaching and widespread racial equity in school discipline William T GrantFoundation ($180,000). The research leverages existing data to examine theextent to which the racial equity effects of an instructional coaching program(My Teaching Partner-Secondary) “ripple” beyond a focal, coached classroom tohave a broader impact on equity in school discipline.

Selected Publications:

Gregory, A., Hafen, C. A., Ruzek, E. A., Mikami, A. Y, Allen, J. P., &., Pianta, R. C.  (2016). Closing the racial discipline gap in classrooms by changing teacher practice. School Psychology Review, 45, 171-191.

Gregory A., Clawson, K., Davis, A.,& Gerewitz, J. (2015). The promise of restorative practices to transform teacher-student relationships and achieve equity in school discipline. For a special issue on Restorative Justice in the Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation, 25, 1-29.

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