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This is a three semester sequence, beginning in the second semester of student's first year of doctoral studies. It continues throughout the Fall and Spring semesters of second year of coursework for a total of three semesters.

Students register for 150 hours for practicum which includes 30 hours of Advanced Supervision conducted at GSAPP, Rutgers University. Students are responsible for tracking all of their hours and activities so that both GSAPP and their practicum supervisors can review these hours.

The overarching goal is to familiarize student with the CST and role of school psychologist. Exposure to non-CST roles for school psychologists is possible, but must occur in conjunction to the CST role, in order to meet NJ Dept. of Ed certification requirements.

Students are advised that practicum sites are NOT responsible for providing specific practicum experiences to meet GSAPP course requirements (for example, testing, consultation cases). However, the ability to utilize real-world cases and experiences certainly enhances student’s ability to learn and most students prefer obtaining certain experiences in their practicum, if possible, because it enhances meaningfulness for them.

First Semester of Program Courses:

Second Semester of Courses:

Related Goals of First Semester of Practicum

      However, observation should not be the sole activity of the first semester, given the coursework students have had

Second Year Coursework:
Fall Semester:

Spring Semester:

Related Goals of Second Year of Practicum:

Responsibilities of Supervisor:

  Responsibilities of Student: