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2017-2018 Program Costs & Financial Assistance

Full-Time Students - (Per semester)  

Tuition - New Jersey Resident (12 credits or more)
Tuition - Out of State Resident (12 credits or more)
Campus Fee (9 credits or more)
Computer Fee (based on credit hours) (12 credits or more)
School Fee

Part-Time Students - (Per semester and summer school, which is required for 2 courses.)

Tuition - New Jersey Resident (per credit)
Tuition - Out of State (per credit)
Campus Fee
Computer Fee (based on credit hours, $81.00 - $163.50)
School Fee

International Students are charged Health Fees: Basic $225.00, Major Medical $1025.00 and a $250.00 Sevis Administration Fee for F1 and J1 visa holders.

Financial Assistance
All incoming students are offered financial assistance for the first year. The minimum is usually $10,000. The maximum for a university fellowship is usually from $15,000 plus tuition. After the first year, students obtain paid clinical practica and clinical research jobs.