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Heldrich Join us at a celebration in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology and the 85th anniversary of its Psychological Services Clinic. It will be a night of reunion and enjoyment as we pay tribute to five extraordinary honorees and the innovative centers and programs that bear their professional touch. (More Information) (Previous Spotlights)

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Axelbank Dr. Jeffrey Axelbank, (Clinical, 1992) has been awarded the Peterson Prize for his efforts on behalf of professional psychology and the rights of mental health patients. (read more)
Messer Dean Stan Messer, is this year's recipient of the Richard P. McCormick Award, recognizing a dean or faculty member who has performed outstanding service for the alumni association.
Wilson Dr.Terry Wilson is the recipient of the Craig Johnson Award for Excellence in Clinical Practice and Training, from the National Eating Disorders Association.

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