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Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Workshop, December 2009

Dr. Shireen Rizvi, Assistant Professor in the Clinical Psy.D. Program, offered a two-day introductory workshop on Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) on December 4th and 5th  at the Cook Campus Center. Dr. Rizvi presented the workshop to current students in the School and Clinical Programs, as well as psychiatrists and therapists affiliated with Rutgers’ Counseling Center. The workshop served as a prerequisite to Dr. Rizvi’s course scheduled to begin in January 2010: Fundamentals of Dialectical Behavior Therapy. workshop

Friday’s workshop began with a group exercise in mindfulness, a key concept and practice in DBT. She then provided an overview of the theory behind DBT, the process of problem solving, the stages of treatment, chain analysis and levels of validation. Dr. Rizvi engaged the audience in practicing different levels of validation with each other. For Saturday’s workshop,

Rizvi Dr. Rizvi invited a co-presenter, Dr. Sarah K. Reynolds of Cognitive & Behavioral Consultants of West Chester. The presenters again lead the audience in the practice of mindfulness, and then presented on issues related to the first few sessions of DBT and suicide risk. Drs. Rizvi and Reynolds acted in role plays of DBT sessions, as well as phone consultations with clients at elevated suicide risk. They engaged the audience via frequent pauses, asking in what direction they may have chosen to go at various points in the consultation. The audience was also asked to role play a phone consultation with an individual considering suicide and follow proper protocol to ensure safety.

workshop workshop

All attended the workshops free of charge, with breakfast and lunch provided each morning thanks to Jennifer Leon, Associate Dean of GSAPP, and Joe Conerty, 3rd year Clinical, who applied for and received funds from the GSAPP student association, funded by the Rutgers University Graduate Student Association (GSA)