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Rutgers Day April 25th, 2009

Over 50,000 visitors gathered to enjoy the multitudinous activities at the first annual Rutgers Day on Saturday, April 25th.  The event featured over 400 activities, including educational games, exhibits, demonstrations and activities hosted by the various departments within the University. Adults and children alike laughed and learned, enjoying the warm and sunny day.

GSAPP students and staff hosted a booth on Busch campus with many activities for children and adults alike. Many children created “Emotion Masks”—utilizing various materials to craft a mask representing anger, joy, sadness, or other feelings. Kids squealed in delight as they added colored dye and vinegar to create “Anger Volcanoes,” which erupted messily.

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Visitors of all ages completed brainteasers, optical illusions and quizzes related to the field of psychology. Stressed individuals participated in relaxation breathing, with calming ambient sounds of the ocean or rainstorms, or took home handouts on progressive muscle relaxation.

Pamphlets highlighting the programs and clinics offered through GSAPP were distributed to visitors, along with magnets, canvas bags and body heat-responsive “Stress Test” cards, all featuring the GSAPP logo.

The GSAPP booth appeared to be a success, with hundred of visitors stopping by, and many lingering to participate in the fun.

According to Richard L. McCormick, President of the University, the Rutgers Day visitor survey revealed that 96% of those who attended would return again.