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Christopher Martell, Ph.D. Colloquium

Christopher Martell, Ph.D., an internationally renowned clinical psychologist, offered a thought-provoking lecture on affirmative Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) clients as part of GSAPP's monthly colloquia series.

Dr. Martell is the founder of Martell Behavioral Activation Research Consulting and is a Clinical Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.
Martell and Wilson
Christopher Martell, PhD., and Terry Wilson, PhD.
Dr. Martell is also a consultant to the Centre for Research on Dissemination at Oxford University. As the co-author of five books, he has made substantial contributions to the fields of cognitive behavioral treatments of depression and issues of treating LGBT clients in therapy. He has also served as a past president of APA's Division 44 (Society for the Psychological Study of LGB issues). The colloquium was well-attended and received.

Martell Dr. Martell focused predominantly on specific LGBT issues and the unique challenges that this population may encounter while living in a largely hetero-normative society. He offered a comprehensive and educational summary of current LGBT policies that both promote and discourage equality (e.g. state marriage-equality laws, Defense of Marriage Act, respectively). Although political momentum is on the side of expanding rights and privileges to LGBT people, it is still legal in 29 states to terminate someone's employment if he or she is perceived as LGB, and legal in 34 states to terminate a transgender individual's employment.

Dr. Martell also spent time clarifying numerous widely-believed stereotypes such as the idea that male-male marriages are usually financially well-off and disputed the concept of the homogenous "LGBT community."

Dr. Martell also presented an afternoon workshop for students and faculty in the GSAPP Clinical and School Psychology programs and the Clinical Ph.D. program in Psychology.  The workshop was entitled “Principles and Practice of Behavioral Activation for Depression”.

By: Brendan Graziano