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Jamila Irons-Johnson, PsyD Achievement Award

The Jamila Irons-Johnson, PsyD (Class of 2004) Achievement Award is given to a GSAPP student with second- or higher year standing who has demonstrated commendable academic achievement and exceptional clinical skills. Eligible students include those who exhibit a commitment to working with ethnic minority populations and/or assisting underserved children and adolescents who may have been victims of abuse, encompassed in a foster care system, or struggling with a traumatic event, anxiety disorder, or mood disorder.

2016 - Clare Lagarde

Clareanne Lagarde

Clare Lagarde, Psy.M.  Clare is currently a fourth-year student in the School program.  She holds positions at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, the Metropolitan Correctional Center, and Rutgers University.  At Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, Clare provides intensive one-to-one intervention services for children with a wide variety of diagnoses, including Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder, and Emotional Disturbance.  At the Metropolitan Correctional Center, Clare conducts comprehensive assessments and evaluations for a corrections population.  As part of the assessment team at Rutgers University's Psychological Services Clinic, Clare conducts, scores, and interprets assessments of children with a wide array of psychological issues.  In addition, prior to her current work, Clare worked at University Behavioral Health Care, where she was involved in crisis prevention and intervention, behavioral modification, and severe psychiatric difficulties.  She was a school psychology intern at the Shepard Preparatory High School, Chester School District, and New Road School of Parlin, where she obtained assessment experiences with diverse populations.  Clare has been an Independent Evaluator at the Depression Prevention Initiative, where she was trained to conduct suicide assessments.  Clare will be starting her pre-doctoral internship in Florida later this year.  Clare's faculty nominator wrote, "Clare is a standout both in the classroom and in the field.  She is an intelligent, responsible, and hard-working person with whom it is a pleasure to interact in a professional environment.  Based on my ten years as a university faculty member, Clare performs within the top 5% of graduate students."  

2015 - Sarah Shankman Kerner

Sarah Shankman Kerner, PsyM. Sarah is currently completing her pre-doctoral internship at Columbia University Medical Center--New York Presbyterian Hospital. She is expecting to complete the requirements of the PsyD degree in October 2015. Among her clinical experiences at GSAPP, Sarah completed practica at Columbia University Medical Center--New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York University Child Study Center, and the Metropolitan Regional Diagnostic and Treatment Center at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. She has had direct clinical experiences with providing outpatient empirically-supported psychotherapy to predominantly low-income children, adolescents, and adults, including those diagnosed with anxiety and mood disorders. Sarah has led trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy groups consisting of African-American and Latino children/adolescents who had been sexually abused. In terms of evaluations, Sarah has conducted forensic psychosocial assessments of children and adolescents who had been sexually or physically abused and/or maltreated. She has participated in several presentations and engaged in extensive research, including investigating factors that influenced treatment recommendations following suspected child physical and/or sexual abuse. While at student at GSAPP, Sarah received the Cooper Graduate Fellowship.

2014 - Amber Ricks

The 2014 recipient of the Jamila Irons-Johnson, Psy.D. Achievement Award is Amber Ricks.  Amber has worked extensively with low-income and ethnic minority clients, including children and adolescents. She was accepted into a practicum that uses Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to treat underserved populations. Overall, she has demonstrated commendable academic achievement, exceptional clinical skills, and a commitment to serving the populations about which Dr. Irons-Johnson was most passionate.  

2013 - Jennifer Rodriguez

On behalf of the GSAPP Alumni Organization, I am pleased to announce that the first recipient of the Jamila Irons-Johnson, Psy.D. Achievement Award is Jennifer Rodriguez. Jennifer will be starting her third year at GSAPP in September. As one faculty member wrote, “Jennifer is a standout in the laboratory, in the classroom, and in the field. Based on my eight years as a university faculty member, Jennifer performs within the top 5% of graduate students, and perhaps even higher.” The Alumni Board believes that Jennifer represents the criteria for which the award is given and about which Jamila was most passionate.